Outrageous Success – 9 Lessons that Produce Results

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To have an outrageously successful business, it isn’t enough to be good (or even the best) at what you do. You must be able to shoulder the leadership responsibilities effectively: you must be a great leader. The future of your business depends on it! , says author Kerri Salls in the introduction to her new e-course entitled, “Leadership Skill-Building Lessons that Produce Results.”

Small business owners and entrepreneurs don’t have time for theory and don’t always know how that theory should apply to their own business to achieve outrageous success now. In her newest e-course, “Leadership Skill-Building Lessons that Produce Results,” author Kerri Salls acknowledges that many entrepreneurs and small business owners are uncomfortable or ineffective at planning, team building, delegating, or developing systems, and they procrastinate at implementing strategies, principles and systems to build strong businesses.

Salls works with scores of small business owners to apply these same lessons at the Breakthrough Business School, a Westford, Mass. based virtual business school for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Management is the creation and monitoring of robust systems in every area of a business. With a set of good management systems in place, owners can go home at night; take vacations – and not “stress-out” about what could go wrong while they are away!

Leadership is admittedly an entirely different skill set. It includes: a crystal clear vision of what an entrepreneur and his business stand for; his vision of the future; open, clear, consistent communication to all parties; exemplifying what the owner and the company stand for; as well as the appropriate delegation of management to a stellar team.

As an owner implements leadership skills, the team is empowered to implement robust management systems and inspired to take more initiative and responsibility. The owner gets to do what he does best and leave the rest to the team.

There is no reason to continue growing a business incrementally. With this structured set of lessons and assignments, a business can begin to grow exponentially.

There is no skill set more necessary in building a business or delivering a stellar product or service than the leadership standards the owner sets. At the same time, one of the quickest ways to lose money, team members, and clients is to lead them poorly.

This concentrated program includes nine powerful lessons; these are tools and tips delivered to your inbox, one every three days. Lessons also include motivational and inspirational quotes to keep you going. Each lesson ends with a practical, structured assignment of exactly what you need to do to put that lesson into practice.

Order “Leadership Skill-Building Lessons that Produce Results” directly at http://tinyurl.com/gavaz. This 30-day e-course with live teleconferences is priced at only $199. A number of free offers are bundled with the course to continue the leadership momentum. More information about the e-course is available at http://tinyurl.com/ze858.

About Breakthrough Business School:

Breakthrough Business School provides a year-long program to train, consult, and coach small business owners and entrepreneurs on business-building strategic solutions to make more profit in less time. Since 1988, writer, speaker, leadership expert, Kerri Salls, MBA, has been serving leaders who are ready to initiate change. She founded the Breakthrough Business School in 1999. More information about the full program is available at http://Breakthrough-Business-School.com/program.shtml. Salls also publishes “Breakthrough Success”, a weekly original newsletter of leadership tips and tools.


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