'The Corporate Circus' Book, a Fantasy Business Tale on Job Stress, Catches the Eye of the Dragon

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Shanghai People’s Publishing Ltd licenses The Corporate Circus book for China

A Chinese version of “The Corporate Circus -- a fairy tale soap opera on office life” book, a fantasy style “tongue-in-cheek” corporate satire written by Adela JP (pen name for Adela Josue Polin, MBA), will be published in China by Shanghai People’s Publishing House (SPPH) in 2006-2007.    

Shanghai People's Publishing House (http://www.spph.com.cn/people/index.asp), one of China’s most famous and influential publishing companies, licensed ‘The Corporate Circus’ (TCC) book under an exclusive agreement for the People’s Republic of China.

According to Shanghai People's Publishing House,

“With the continuous increase of white-collar pressure in the workplace, books that can guide them on how to release stress are becoming more and more popular. We have published similar books as well, but we can positively say, there is no book that will be as distinctive as ‘The Corporate Circus.’ The dramatic depiction of the different kinds of workers that exist in Amy’s workplace makes our editor excited about The Corporate Circus book, and after reading it he could not help but strike the table and shout “Bravo! Yes! That’s it!!!     Reading ‘The Corporate Circus’ is like taking out your complaints and problems to your intimate friends, and with a lighthearted meaningful advice, you will find that you are the fairy with an enchanting spell in the fairy tales world. You can also make your terrible boss to be the most lovely and sweetest person as long as you try hard!!!    We have reasons to believe that The Corporate Circus book will be loved by all of the Chinese readers, and we will try hard to make it as an “Annual must read book by the white collar and general public!” declares Senior Editor of Shanghai People’s Publishing Ltd.

Shanghai People’s Publishing House, which specializes in books in the fields of sociology, psychology, philosophy, political science, economics, history and law, ranks as the number one publisher in Shanghai and number six in Peoples Republic of China. SPPH distributes their books throughout state owned bookstores in China, including the top 5 Xinhua Bookstores in Shanghai. Xinhua is the largest bookstore chain in China.

Shanghai Peoples Publishing House intends to attract China’s white-collar readers ages 20-32 for TCC. SPPH has engaged some of Shanghai’s well-known English professors to translate The Corporate Circus book into Chinese and to incorporate some of China’s philosophy into the Chinese version of TCC. This assimilation will help bring some of China’s cultural sensitivity to the story of TCC, which is originally written for the American market. Thus, allowing the TCC story to connect better with the Chinese readers.

Adela Josue Polin is an MBA whose work experience in corporate America led to the writing of The Corporate Circus as an entertainingly fun, creative and humorous look at corporate life, office politics and drama in an animated setting. Adela JP understands firsthand the pressures of office life, and hopes The Corporate Circus will bring constructive fun in the workplace.

“The beauty of TCC is its’ universal appeal and simplicity. Everyone can relate to job stress and how these typical corporate workers humorously portray their demandingly stressful office life. These delightfully zany TCC animated characters make stereotyping the workplace so palatable,” says Adela JP.

Attorney Michael R. Polin, founder of the International Law Firm of Michael R. Polin (http://www.polinlawfirm.com), represents the company in all domestic and international affairs. For United States and International licensing, distribution, sales and all inquiries, please contact the International Law Offices of Michael R. Polin at 858-350-4225, in San Diego, California.

About The Corporate Circus Book (http://www.thecorporatecircus.com/book.htm):

The Corporate Circus book is a motivational story on self-empowerment and character development written as a humorous whimsical business tale involving a young professional female employee, named Amy, who feels lost and stressed in her corporate world and is looking to find a way out of her directionless and meaningless career. In her quest for a better office life and stress relief, Amy discovers that the answer to her problem exists in a fantastic world hidden within her subconscious mind. Through her dream, Amy enters this enchanting world called The Corporate Circus and meets 15 animated office characters that give her the advice and wisdom she is searching for. This encounter makes a significant life changing experience on how Amy views her job, herself and life in general.

"The Corporate Circus book” has been awarded a 5 Star rave review by Midwest Book Review describing the story as, “a bizarre and fantastic tale told almost entirely in dialogue, with each corporate lackey player represented as an animal. "The Corporate Circus," by Adela JP offers the reader a genuinely fantastic interplay of office politics and an original "tongue-in-cheek" satire. Humorous, witty, and engagingly presented, The Corporate Circus is highly recommended reading which leaves a marked impression of business that combines the exotic with the all-too-real."

About The Corporate Circus, Inc.: (http://www.thecorporatecircus.com ):

The Corporate Circus is an International multi-media business “edutainment” (education-entertainment) book based property, which targets corporations, academia, and the general public. It is the goal of TCC to spread the uplifting message of the book through a creative, imaginative, educational and entertainingly delightful presentation; to bring a constructive lighthearted office fun to the business world; and to advocate stress relief by promoting humor, laughter and amusing the inner child within the adult.

A musical adaptation of The Corporate Circus book was successfully staged on April 2006. This show, which dramatizes and portrays corporate life and job stress in a whimsical, humorous, and entertaining concert presentation workshop, hit the right note with San Diego audiences and media when it was showcased at the San Diego Lyceum Theatre for six performances. The show was compared to some of Broadway’s great musicals, such as “Hair”, “Guys and Dolls” and “Little Shop of Horrors”.    Luellen Smiley of Del Mar Times, who gave the show two thumbs-up, describes it as “The musical reminded me of “Guys and Dolls,” and “Hair” at the same time.”



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