MarketClub Offers a New Type of Home Business

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MarketClub, the new online shopping site, is offering enterprising people a completely new type of internet based home business opportunity. It also incorporates several other features including a community benefit program and a buying club.

The program is as simple and as transparent as that

MarketClub announced the launch of its new online shopping site that enables a new type of Home Business to be set up. Unlike other online shopping sites, it works like a cooperative that shares its activities and its profits with its members, ensuring that all participants benefit and grow with it. The program also includes a community benefit program and a buying club. Membership is free and starting up the Home Business also does not cost any money.

There is also a rewards program for buyers.

Members who want to develop a large ongoing income can become promoters of MarketClub by introducing good manufacturers of products or suppliers of service that can be sold on the MarketClub site. This is a great Home Business that can be set up on their own time.

Members who introduce new members to the club can also create an additional income stream based on purchases on their own time.

“The two Home Business opportunities are fabulous as members can earn a substantial ongoing income,” said Jag Kaurah, its founder and chief executive officer, at the site’s official launch.

If member A introduces B and B introduces C and C buys a product through the site, C gets 40% of a rebate amount on that purchase.

Members A and B both get 10% each of the rebate amount for that purchase. That is the limit. If C introduces D and D makes a purchase A drops out and does not get any rebate.

Up to 15% of the rebate amount goes to the person who has introduced the supplier of goods or service. This can be a large figure if the supplier has good well priced products or services.

“The program is as simple and as transparent as that,” he said. “However, the simple structure leads to many benefits.

“Just think if member A was a school, church, club or any number of other organizations that could benefit from extra funds.”

If a member introduces his or her family or friends, the club pays them 10% of the rebate amount on their shopping. This can be extended to colleagues, acquaintances, neighbours, friends and others.

“Imagine if you introduce 20 members and they in turn introduce an average of 10 new members each, you will be generating an ongoing income from 220 members shopping on the site.

“Now imagine if you could sign up your local school, club or charity organization for them to benefit from the club program. This would extend your income greatly.

“There is a big first mover advantage as everyone and every organization around you can be signed on before someone else signs them on.”

MarketClub expects to have practically everything that people would want to buy when it is fully developed.

As its membership grows, it becomes a powerful buying club and the list of products sold online will grow and become even better value.

With this potentially large and close knit membership base, it also becomes a very powerful online relationship marketing tool for manufacturers, wholesalers and service providers.

One well known lecturer in marketing at a Melbourne University during a radio program recently called it “the most powerful marketing program I have ever seen.”

“It is well known and accepted in marketing circles that relationship marketing is one of the most powerful forms of marketing. An extreme form of this is used in multi-level marketing,” Jag said.

“It is also accepted by most people that multi-level marketing although powerful has some negative points. What if we can have the power of relationship marketing without the negatives?

“Well that is what we have developed … all the power but none of the negatives,” he said. MarketClub has a PCT patent pending for its program.

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