Raising Kids With Healthy Teeth While Keeping 'Dental Dollars' In YOUR Pocket

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In this day and age of modern science and technology there should be a way to protect our children from tooth decay and crooked teeth while avoiding the ever-increasing costs and discomfort of dental work and orthodontics.

Fluoridated water is certainly not the answer to decay since we don't see which would otherwise be a lack of dentists in communities where this vital, fluoride-laden commodity is pumped to every household under the guise of 'prevention.' Crooked teeth are, on the other hand, simply considered to be due to genes and bad luck, so there is no avoiding that situation... or IS there?

As parents, most of us believe we know how to prevent cavities in our children, but getting them to at least brush properly - even once a day - can be a chore many of us give up on. Those of us who are 'successful' are shocked when dental x-rays reveal a cavity (or several) here and there when we thought we were so diligent with our kids' oral health. This surprise leads to a feeling of hopelessness about the role of children's oral health. Besides, how really important are healthy teeth and gums in the grand scheme of things?

The Answer? Very important.

Science now tells us that good oral health can be the front line of defense against more serious diseases such as diabetes and heart disease later in life.

To help the parent out in all of this, the OraMedia site for Dental Self Sufficiency has released a report (available at no charge) entitled, 'Raising Kids With Healthy Teeth While Keeping 'Dental Dollars' In YOUR Pocket.' While the program itself actually begins with children at birth, parents with a strong interest in their children's oral health can begin when the child is any age and learn how this program will arm them with the tools to carry them long into adulthood.

'Raising Kids With Healthy Teeth...' is a compilation of articles written by Dr. Robert Nara, whose own children were raised with disease-free teeth and gums. According to Tom Cornwell, OraMedia site publisher, "In taking his message of prevention and healing to the public, Dr. Nara ruffled more than a few feathers in the Michigan dental community many years ago. Because of his refusal to back down with his message of prevention and the truth behind dental diseases, they went after his license - and successfully shut him down for over a year."

Fortunately for the public, Dr. Nara fought hard and won. In the meantime, he did a tremendous amount of writing about prevention and natural healing, and this important report is just a small portion of that effort.

'Raising Kids With Healthy Teeth...' is broken into four sections, but the basic theory begins with the first:

1. Protect The Precious: Your Baby's First Year

    "When does the decay process start? It is logical to assume that it takes some time be­fore the actual evidence of decay. When your baby is born the mouth is essentially sterile. So the process that leads to decay starts shortly after birth..."

2. The Trying Years: Ages 1 - 4

    "Waiting until your child can brush his or her own teeth is too lateā€¦ by the time the 20 baby teeth have arrived in the mouth over 1/2 of all American Children already have decay."

3. The Transition Years

    "The correct efforts on the part of the parents during these years can mean a lifetime of freedom from dental disease. There will be very few adult readers of this article who won't appreciate just how wonderful it would have been to have had such a message themselves and been able to avoid their own lifetime of problems."

4. $aving Orthodontic Dollars

    "Except in rare cases, the use of complex, extensive orthodontic appliances is practically eliminated. In all cases, orthodontic care can be greatly simplified and of shorter duration, therefore saving money."

Readers may easily access this report by going to http://mizar5.com/children1.html . 'Raising Kids With Healthy Teeth...' is a quick, but informative read. Parents can be making changes for their kids' better oral health immediately.


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