Get a Credit Card Even If You Have Bad or No Credit

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While some might think that credit cards are troublesome, there are actually more benefits than disadvantages to having a credit card.

Building your ever important credit rating

When it comes to getting low interest loans and getting financed for other bigger purchases, your credit rating is one of the first things that lenders look at. They want to know if you can handle your money in a responsible manner. By having a credit card, charging items to it, and then paying it off, you get the chance to show that you can handle your finances.

You don’t have to carry cash.

A credit card is much safer to carry around than cash. Even if your credit card should get stolen, you can report the loss and not be held accountable for the unauthorized purchases. When cash is lost, it’s usually gone for good.

Free insurance on purchases.

Credit cards also offer free insurance on items that have been purchased, allowing you to return items that do not meet your expectations or cancel transactions that weren’t authorized.

Credit helps in an emergency.

One of the main uses of credit cards is to supply extra funds in an emergency. Many cards offer car insurance and roadside assistance as well as cash advances and checks that can be written from the limit of the credit card. If you have a bill that’s larger than you expected, credit cards can help to pay it off until you gather the money that you need.

Online shopping.

Shopping on the Internet is safer and easier when you use a credit card instead of a check or money order. Almost all online retailers take credit cards over a secure link, allowing transactions to be completed instantly rather than having to wait for checks to clear.

Widely used.

Nearly every retailer takes credit cards as well as restaurants, hotels, airlines, car rentals, and gas stations. You are covered with a form of payment wherever you go and whatever you do.


And of course, credit cards also like to thank their customers for using them with rewards like cash back or airline miles. You can also receive discounts on future purchases or gas rebates.

With punctual payments and low balances, you can increase your spending limit as well to give you even more flexibility with larger purchases. Instead of having to start a book of payments, you can charge the item and possibly reduce the amount of interest that may have had to pay with the retailer.

With all these reasons to own a credit card, you can check out this website at Bad or No Credit - Credit Card Applications. The application process is simple. Just click on the card you want, fill in a few fields, and the bank will process your application. You can also get a free credit report at their site. Just click on the link at the top of their home page.


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