Annuity IQ releases 10 Variable Annuity Tips

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Annuity IQ offers the only source of unbiased variable annuity reviews and ratings. 10 Variable Annuity Tips is a free resource designed to help people find the best variable annuity for your needs.

Annuity IQ,, releases 10 variable annuity tips to the public. This short guide is designed to help people make an informed decision on the purchase of a variable annuity.

Annuity IQ, on the forefront of rating variable annuity contracts and benefits, has released another free information book. “We are dedicated to helping people and brokers find the best product for their needs or their client’s needs. 10 Tips is another extension of our efforts to educate and inform people on what to look for in a variable annuity. We released ‘Living Benefits Explained’ a month and a half ago and saw tremendous interest in that information. 10 tips is an expansion of that information,” Scott DeMonte, owner of Annuity IQ, said.

Mr. DeMonte went on to say; “We offer a lot of free and informative information on our web site,, but we realized we were missing something and that is where 10 Tips came in. These are just basic tips on what to look for in a variable annuity product and designed to give the consumer an edge in examining variable annuities.”

Annuity IQ’s main line of business is rating variable annuity contracts and their benefits to help consumers and brokers locate the best variable annuity product for either their or their clients’ needs. Over the past 3 months, Annuity IQ has seen its popularity skyrocket with the main stream public and brokers. It is believed that their unbiased and independent approach in examining variable annuities is the main reason for the rise in popularity.

“We also believe that there is a lot of misinformation on variable annuities in the market place. Based on articles we have read, we concluded that most people write their opinions on variable annuities and largely ignore the real facts behind these great products. Variable annuities are not perfect, but what investment is?” Mr. DeMonte said.

Annuities have been shrouded in secrecy or myth over the last 15 years or so with no one place to view comparative, side by side, unbiased information. That all changed in April of 2006 when Annuity IQ went live and was greeted with open arms by the public and brokers a like.

10 Tips, as it is referred to by the people at Annuity IQ, is a short informative web based resource and available to everyone. The way the piece opens was of particular interest:

‘There are no devastating secrets behind annuity products. There are no “must have” annuity tips. When you see these ads, the person responsible for them is simply trying to gather your information to follow up with a sales call.

Worse yet, if it involves some type of secret or hidden truths no one wants you to know about, it is a product that is geared to benefit one person and it is not you. We are not saying these people are trying to scam you, but they are trying to sell you a product, their product. They may then follow it up by trying to sell you an annuity product. In other words, all these “free e-books” are sales pieces designed to grab your attention and hopefully get more sales.’

“We felt we needed to open the book up in that fashion. We wanted to grab your attention and it has been effective. We see all of these must-have secret books being sold and it drives us crazy. If there were secrets so devastating to the industry, why isn’t the mainstream media on it instead of Joe Blow from Timbuktu writing about it? We want and do provide real information, honest information….’The Annuity Report’ was not a project we sat down and hammered out over a weekend in our underwear. This project took a full year to prepare and implement.” Mr. DeMonte said.

It is clear that Annuity IQ and Scott DeMonte are passionate about what they do. It is also clear, based on sales and reach of the people visiting the site, that there is a strong need for an independent and unbiased company to review and rate variable annuity products. Keeping their work untainted, Annuity IQ refuses to sell any annuity product. They feel that if a commission is on the line, it is impossible to be truly unbiased and independent.


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