Energy Grid -- A War Game?

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Is it possible to conduct "war games" using invisible warfare that manipulates the energy grid or electromagnetic field surrounding planet earth? From nationwide rolling blackouts to staggering geological statistics throughout the Pacific Ring of Fire, the misuse of a "new" energy makes this warfare our greatest nightmare. (For statistics on the events throughout the Pacific Ring of Fire, see the attachment, 'Past Three Months: 86 Earthquakes.') Coco Tralla LLC claims a "new" energy has been misused as weaponry and intentionally kept from the public for decades because it changes the power base and money flow in government, as well as industry giants, especially energy, nuclear, oil and gas, electric and the medical/pharmaceutical complex.

Coco Tralla LLC announces a seven book series that claims to stop accelerated global warming, cease non-stop wars and thwart future nuclear fallout by the most powerful industrial military complex in the world. Recently released, Book One, Light Vision, does not contain the controversial findings of Book Two, Energy Grid. (Book One is a novel about sex magick and Italian witches in Rome, Italy.) Strange as it may seem, according to Coco, Book One purposefully does not document findings about the grid or invisible warfare because, prior to the release of Book Two, she aims to position herself as a leader in increasing public awareness and therefore circumvent the destructive path of the world's largest industrial military complex.

"Everyone needs to know about the misuse of an energy that exposes the unexplained science behind the fall of Building 7 and the WTC towers on 9/11; the upsurge of weather catastrophes since 2004; and the ability to orchestrate catastrophic events with a political/financial agenda," Coco claims. (For the upsurge of weather disasters, see Billion Dollar US Weather Disasters 1980-2005 at "The misuse of this energy should be common knowledge, and the industry sector forced to offer non-toxic, healing products that utilize this energy the way it was supposed to be used, instead of harboring covert technology with the potential to destroy the world."

President and CEO of Tralla Productions, Coco Tralla, asks people worldwide to understand the realities of invisible warfare, "With due respect to military complexes around the world, nuclear buildup isn't the answer, especially when that buildup means future nuclear powered aircraft carriers with sensors operating at C through G bands, and electronic warfare systems that utilize pulse and frequency. (For more, see the plans for the USS George H.W. Bush nuclear aircraft carrier with new technology to be released 2009: ) This type of advanced technology explains the recent record breaking heat waves nationwide, as well as 86 earthquakes of 5.5 to 7.7 magnitude throughout the Pacific Ring in the past three months. In Vialls' article, the same network used for sonar (the historical record identifies sonar as the source that makes dolphins and whales beach themselves) was designed to remotely create disasters at any point on the globe." The article 'Tesla's Electromagnetic Pyramids' ( was written as fiction by a researcher who subsequently died, and claims the same wireless network used for sonar was covertly designed to alter the frequency and harmonics of the electromagnetic field or, in other words, 'own the weather' and seamlessly create 'natural disasters.' "Tesla's ideas about radar, the defense shield, wireless transmission and even electromagnetic pyramids were meant to benefit humanity, not terrorize the world," Coco says.

According to Tralla Productions, there's a proven track record regarding the massive cover-up of harmonics, frequencies and the electromagnetic field because, according to the historical record, even the medical and pharmaceutical firms knew about a breakthrough in medicine utilizing this new energy, yet the public was never informed. Coco asks, "What if an effective cure for cancer and other diseases was discovered in 1931, but the device, as well as the inventor's findings were suppressed? Dubbed as 'the end to all diseases,' production of the device was censored because it would change the power base and money flow of medicine." The timeline at shows a tragic sequence of events leading up to the discovery, suppression and sabotage of Royal Rife's invention--a product that used specific harmonics, frequencies and electromagnetic fields to cure disease.

"What if there was a product that powered air conditioners, furnaces and lights without being tied to public service or the power grid?" The technologies called zero point, cold fusion, implosion, as well as others discovered decades ago, have yet to be endorsed by industry giants because it's considered "free" energy that cannot be measured by meters or pumps. "There's a reason why physicist Eugene Mallove was murdered--in his open letter to the world, he points out the various ways of mass producing self-sufficient, non-toxic energy products, but his life tragically ended. ( ) A plethora of inventors have patents pending in the United States government, but as long as this energy is misused, then those patents will never see the light of day. Why would an inventor explain the patents pending dilemma online, then offer the invention as freeware?" ( )

After faxing thousands of letters to Congress, Senate and others in the political arena asking them to investigate, Coco has yet to have anyone respond to her concerns. "There must be hearings with government agencies and industry giants regarding the suppression of this technology, especially the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) because they must account for laws passed to prohibit specific frequencies in the marketplace," the company demands. "The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) must also be held accountable because if they knew about a cure for cancer and other diseases, the monies to study drugs for various diseases would have been unnecessary. The American Medical Association (AMA) must also account for their actions, especially if they knew about a cancer cure for decades without informing the general public. Additionally, the US Patent Office must explain their track record regarding patents pending because if they would have endorsed the correct use of this energy for industry, then the misuse of it would have been identified decades ago. The Department of Energy (DOE) must also be questioned if they have had prior knowledge too. Hearings must be conducted to require anyone, whether industrial or governmental, be held accountable, especially after the recent disasters, as well as the massive deaths and hardships encountered with disease and cancer for decades."

The company asks people worldwide to note the record breaking 'natural' weather-related occurrences, as well as the unexplained science of recent catastrophic events, then act by calling their local bookstore and asking buyers to carry Tralla Productions products. (To identify unnatural disasters, see the company's previous press release: Coco adds, "If every person reading this press release bought a book, I could continue my work, as well as speak worldwide to raise public awareness. If we unite, we can expose a misused technology that, when used properly as a clean, non-toxic energy, the future of our planet changes--tragic death associated with cancer and disease ends, accelerated global warming stops and orchestrated catastrophic events with a financial/political agenda are exposed." As novelist, publisher and owner of Tralla Productions, Coco Tralla lives in Denver, Colorado and asks to be considered a spokesperson for the world, not just one country.


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