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There is a growing number of VoIP users replacing there normal phones with VoIP. The USA currently has 2.9 Million users and its growing at a tremendous rate. The forefront for VoIP however is the mobile phone technology that can be tied with VoIP to make mobile calling costs a thing of the past.

If you are fed up with horrendous phone bills and arguing with customer services like so many others, VoIP mobile technology is the way forward. The next time you call your friend for 5 minutes, and it costs you $5, you will be happy knowing providers like verizon and o2 will be frantically setting up VoIP to replace their costly call plans. If they choose not to do so, they will no longer be phone providers.

There are hundreds of providers to choose from but who’s right for you? That’s what we’re for, to help you decide who to use based on the amount you talk and how much you want to spend.

The mobiles are popping up more and more with at least ten in place at current, but it’s a confusing matter especially as it is so new and fragile. We help you to choose a phone to suit you and your pocket.

All calls that are made from VOIP to VOIP are completely free of charge, even if they come from a mobile device.

So that's the basics of VOIP but you must be thinking how do I get this on my mobile phone?

Well its actually pretty simple, VoIP is a technology that allows voice to travel through your existing Internet. However with Wireless Internet being more openly available than ever, your VOIP mobile will connect to the Internet through the nearest wireless point and bobs your uncle you have a mobile that is capable of calls costing cheaper than a typical Land Line.

I can send a text message for less than half a UK Penny, phone my dad in America on his mobile, land line and VOIP mobile phone for nothing.

VOIP is revolutionary, that's for sure. All the mobile phone companies are joining the VOIP service, or the threat of going out of business will meet them in a few years.

What we are talking about is a future technology so big it will cost you more to buy a bottle of water than natter to your Nan on the other side of the world, on your mobile phone.

I personally have had experience with international calls from a mobile phone and was stunned when I received the bill. Whether you are looking to call someone abroad or your next door neighbour, prepare to be amazed.

We all enjoy a good chat, we spend an average of 2 hours on the mobile phone a week, I am sure some spend a lot more. Think of the cost factor though, to call a typical mobile in the UK from a mobile, is close to 45p a minute. The cost from VoIP based provider Skype is just £0.012, you average that over the 2 hours spent a week and that’s a fair saving.

Due to ever changing technology we decided to make a site devoted to something that will in the future be as widely used as the current telephone system.

We at VoIP-Mobiles have tested VoIP technology and are now regular users of this service of which we can say shocked us when first using VoIP, that everyone was not already using it.

“The next time you call your friend abroad for an hour on your mobile, you will wish you knew about VoIP mobile phones as it would have cost less than an egg.”


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