SeaBiotics -- High Potency Omega-3 & Shark Liver Oil Supplement Changing Lives; Unique Product Restores Immune System While Fighting Inflammation for Health in FullMeasure

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SeaBiotics, the leader in high quality deep shark liver oil and omega-3 supplements, is expanding in the US. Permanent special case rate discount and help needed on sales force.

SeaBiotics, the Omega-3 leader in the manufacturing of high quality deep water shark liver oil from their plant in Norway, is rapidly expanding across the United States.

The company's lead product -- Alkyl-Transfactor -- a proprietary blend of shark liver oil along with Omega-3 and other food supplements - improves chronic health issues and restores the immune system. Recently the company announced a permanent option for Independent Business Partners to purchase three cases of the same product at a 50% discount and for health care professionals and others interested in greater discounts through

The quantity in a case varies by the product being purchased. Individuals can purchase by the bottle or buy two, get one free at

To learn how to supplement your income or be a leader in the SeaBiotics sales force, go to Next call or join directly online at A distributorship enables someone to earn direct sales income as well as royalty income at the IBP level. You can be part of a tremendous network marketing opportunity or simply resell product - the choice is yours.

All the products are manufactured in Norway under the European Pharmaceutical Protocols that drug manufacturers are required to use. The SeaBiotics Alkyl-Transfactor and Neurofactor are classified as a food product per FDA rules but to ensure the purity of the ingredients, it is manufactured under the more stringent Pharmaceutical Protocols.

All products are continuously tested to see if any contaminants exist at the parts per BILLION level. A molecular distillation process is used to increase the purity and the finished product is tested to ensure no contaminates exist down to parts per trillion.

To learn more about this health food product that helps the body fight symptoms of many common ailments -- fatigue, sore joints, arthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia, allergies, and many others -- by balancing out the bodies immune system naturally dial 1-866-300-7455.

Also, recorded audio with product information, compensation plan, nutrition facts and much more are on the Sea Bridge Recorded Info Line at 512-703-8084.

Alkyl-Transfactor and Neurofactor are considered food products by the American FDA. No claims are made or can be made, implied, inferred, or construed concerning any of these products as to their ability to cure any disease or condition. The American Heart Association as well as others have and are allowed to claim that they have seen that using the ingredients included in the SeaBiotics products have helped.

AHA Report, November 1, 2002 stated that omega-3 has the benefits of:

Decreased risk of sudden death

Decreased blood clotting

Decreased triglyceride levels

Decreased growth of arterial plaque

Improve arterial health

Lower blood pressure

Authorized SeaBiotics Distributor

Hunter F. Mahon (HFM)

7 Springdale Lane

Spartanburg, SC 29302

866-300-7455 (join the business) (for resellers)

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