Gallaudet Protesters Welcome on Public Sidewalks of Hyatt Hotel this Friday and Saturday

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The Gallaudet Board of Trustees is meeting at the Dulles Hyatt hotel near the Dulles International Airport this Friday and Saturday. The County of Fairfax and the Gallaudet protest leadership have concluded negotiations for a free speech area on the public sidewalks at the scene of the Hyatt Hotel at 2300 Dulles Corner Blvd, Herndon, Virginia, 20171 for the period of Friday, July 28, 2006 and Saturday, July 29, 2006.

The County of Fairfax of the Commonwealth of Virginia, through the actions of their authorized representatives, is extending a welcome to all Gallaudet protesters.

While the County of Fairfax has not issued any official statements of welcome, it is clear that the County is very supportive of the First Amendment rights of the protesters due to the friendly nature of the communications that have taken place so for between the protest leadership and those County of Fairfax representatives.

The negotiations for a free speech zone near the Hyatt Hotel (address: 2300 Dulles Corner Blvd, Herndon, Virginia) have now been successfully concluded and the following rules have been agreed upon for the period of Friday, July 28th to Saturday, July 29th, 2006 (and also including Sunday, July 29, in the event that the Gallaudet Board of Trustees announces an extension of their meetings):

1) The protesters will be respectful of the parking lots of businesses in the area and will use their good judgment about whether private businesses will allow them to park in those lots and will be careful to read any signs related to parking. If the private businesses make the request, then the protesters will move their cars to another location.

2) The protesters *will* be allowed to walk freely on the public sidewalks in front of the Hyatt Hotel at 2300 Dulles Corner Blvd, Herndon, Virginia, 20171 or also on the sidewalks near the hotel or across the street from the hotel.

3) The protesters agree not to block foot traffic on the sidewalk. This means that it is recommended that the protesters walk in a pattern on the sidewalk so that foot traffic is not blocked.

4) The protesters agree not to block any driveways of the hotel so that normal vehicular traffic flow in and out of hotel property can be maintained. Foot traffic in and out of hotel property will be respected and not blocked.

5) The protesters will extend their cooperation in communicating with representatives of the Fairfax County Police Department who will be on the scene, including Captain A. Lubas and Lieutenant Leonard Crawford and will be receptive to their suggestions and speedily comply with their lawful orders.

6) The only exception to rule 5 will apply to protesters who wish to be arrested. Protesters who do *not* want to be arrested should not worry. As a courtesy to the taxpayers of the County of Fairfax, the protest leadership has agreed to communicate any intentions in advance of any protesters who wish to be arrested. This is so that the County may bring the necessary number of police vehicles and have the necessary number of police officers on hand at the appropriate time. The protesters who willingly violate the free speech rules and thereby make themselves subject to arrest will be handed over to the custody of the sheriff. The Sheriff's Office will make the decision whether to put those violators in jail and whether to put them in holding cells (with the general population of inmates, or not) or whether to arrest and release them without holding them in jail. Those people arrested will be booked and fingerprinted and will have a permanent police record. Their arrest photos will be made available to the public. Any protesters who obey the rules will not be arrested and need not worry.

7) The protesters will exercise care to prevent minors from violating the rules or running out into the street.

A public request is hereby made for professional American Sign Language interpreters to make their services available at the protest on a gratis basis. Thank you in advance.

Media personnel are encouraged to attend. Interpreters will be provided for media interviews with protesters. Call Brian Riley at (559) 285-5268.

For questions about this press release, please call Brian Riley at (559) 285-5268.


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