Best-Selling Author Colin Tipping Releases Book, "Spiritual Intelligence at Work"

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Business book presents radical approach for increasing productivity and preventing conflict in the workplace.

Best-selling author Colin Tipping, the creator of what has come to be recognized as the most powerful, leading-edge technology for personal growth today, has released his newest book, "Spiritual Intelligence at Work: A Radical Approach to Increasing Productivity, Raising Morale and Preventing Conflict in the Workplace."

The book, says Tipping, is a must-read for business consultants interested in being at the forefront of the new business cultural revolution characterized as “cultural,” “social,” or “spiritual,” capitalism. It shows how a cutting-edge, employee development program, the Quantum Energy Management System, can transform the culture of any organization and contribute to long-term sustainability, competitive advantage and a boost to the bottom line.

“Anyone who is connected in any way to running a business or managing any kind of organization where there are people showing up for work every day should read this book,” says Tipping. “More than ever, people are seeking meaning in their work and fulfillment in a job well done that contributes to something bigger than themselves. This book provides insight into how managers and supervisors can connect into that need and satisfy it in such a way as it benefits the whole company .”

Tipping’s Quantum Energy Management System enhances the culture of any organization by taking advantage of people’s natural propensity to bring their emotional baggage, or what Tipping calls their “humenergy issues,” to work with them, and act them out (on co-workers, customers, vendors and others) as a way of dealing with them. That might be good for the individual’s own personal emotional needs, says Tipping, but this natural human behavior can be bad for their careers and seriously problematic for the company.

Tipping compares the organization to a living organism that exists as a complex matrix of interrelating energy fields through which energy is constantly flowing. These energies include money, data, materials, and most important – human energy. If the flow of any of these energies is impeded, the organization suffers.

“All the systems that exist within a corporation should have only one function: to keep the energy flowing as efficiently as possible,” says Tipping. “Successful companies, such as Southwest Airlines, keep their energy fields highly charged by making sure that employees maintain their own energy fields at high levels, too.”

The notion of increasing organizational success through the personal development of its managers and employees has been growing in importance and popularity over the last decade, prompting management scholars and values-based companies to focus efforts on building their awareness of the human component as the essential key to success. The ability of an organization to build and maintain a corporate culture that attracts and retains talented people is rapidly emerging as the most important criterion for strong financial performance, especially in the light of increasing global and local competition and demoralization of workers on every rung of the corporate ladder.

“Spiritual Intelligence at Work presents an ideal solution for a company that wants to create more meaning and purpose for its employees, and which understands the economic value of it, but hasn’t yet found a model of how to do it in a cost-effective manner,” said Tipping.

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Colin Tipping is the founder and CEO of Quantum Energy Management Consultants, LLC, and the designer of the Quantum Energy Management System ( QEMS is a unique, cutting-edge workplace personal development tool designed to raise the human energy level within organizations in order to raise employee productivity, bolster job satisfaction, reduce or prevent conflict, and improve workplace relationships.

Tipping is also the creator of what has come to be recognized as the most powerful leading-edge technology for personal and spiritual growth today – Radical Forgiveness. His book, “Radical Forgiveness: Making Room for the Miracle,” has become an international best-seller, leading to the healing of individuals, families, races, corporations and communities.


By Colin Tipping

Global 13 Publications

ISBN 0-9704814-4-6

USA $23.95

240 pages, 5.5” x 8.5”; Hardbound with dust cover

About the Quantum Energy Management System

Founded by best-selling author Colin Tipping and outlined in his latest book, Spiritual Intelligence at Work, QEMS is a unique workplace personal development tool used throughout the enterprise by values-based organizations. Designed to raise the human energy potential within the organization, QEMS raises employee productivity, bolsters job satisfaction, reduces or prevents conflicts and improves workplace relationships. As a result, financial performance improves significantly.

QEMS is a model that can be practically applied by organizations of every size, easily and cost-effectively. Its implementation is fully supported and supervised over the long-term by the QEMS consulting team, comprising senior-level business consultants and coaches. For more information, go to


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