Coastal Vacations Sales Double With Launch of Novice Marketer Program

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A marketing program introduced by the Coastal Vacations Sales Center is producing dramatic results. The new program generates high quality leads and follows up with them. Staff members call the leads on behalf of members and they get a series of e-mail messages to move them forward.

Coastal Vacations Sales Center members have seen sales double since the ultra-successful system launched their new novice marketer program. Get the details at .

The new program is designed to produce results for Coastal Vacations novices. It is paying immediate dividends and the full time staff is prepared for a huge second half of the year.

The new program produces quality leads. These people are not offered free laptops or gift cards to entice them.

It is common practice for lead vendors to offer free goodies and the lead buyer often ends up with a bunch of people looking to get something for nothing.

The interested prospects generated by the system are sent a thank you email from the member. They are then delivered to their personal website where they can learn more.

The new leads are automatically entered into the system's auto responder e-mail system. They are sent follow up email messages and are even called by staff members at the Sales Center who help walk them through the simple system.

Account executives answer questions, finalize sales and collect funds. They even plug new members into a state of the art educational system so they can begin training. Other staff members at the Sales Center ship travel packages to the new members.

The system makes it easy for prospects to learn more. They can watch a movie and explore the website and they can join live Q&A conference calls that explain the business.

Prospects can even access a recorded version of the conference call 24 hours a day, and of course, they can call the Sales Center and talk with staff members.

The novice marketer program allows new members to produce sales even before they begin to explore the extensive training provided by the ultra-successful hybrid Coastal Vacations business.

The hybrid's generous pay plan allows new members to earn commissions of $1000 and $3000 on their first day. Unlike the traditional Coastal Vacations business, members can begin earning money before they complete their first training sale.

Coastal Vacations Sales Center trainer and conference call host Dean Marino explained why commissions are paid out so quickly; "New members are anxious to make their new business profitable.

"They get excited when they see the first checks. Money is flowing toward them, instead of away from them. The excitement turns to focus as they concentrate more on their business. The extra effort can produce even more sales and the snowball continues to build."

Business owners with the Coastal Vacations Sales Center utilize a full time staff of professionals to handle many of the details for them so they don't have to learn every aspect of selling and running a successful business before they can start to produce profits.

Sales Center business owners have complete control of their business. They can have as much or as little contact with prospects as they desire.

Members can handle most of the business themselves and delegate a few tasks to the staff or have the employees perform 95% of the work for them. One member recently had the staff finalize sales that paid him over $20,000 in profits while he was on a cruise vacation in Alaska.

Members of the ultra-successful group don’t need to perform presentations, follow up, ask for the money and close sales. Account executives handle that part of the business for them and send them a check for each sale completed.

Employees at the Coastal Vacations Sales Center also ship the travel packages to new members and they also plug those new members into the robust training website and live training so they can start learning to market effectively.

The new lead generation and follow up program makes the simple to learn system even more effective for novice marketers and those with limited time.

Learn why the hybrid Coastal Vacations model is so much more effective. See the business model and learn how the personal mentoring of Dean Marino offers members the most successful business model with a personal touch at .

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