Welcome to the Brave New World of Poison Ivy Free High-tech Adventure

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Armed with a GPS and büji Block™ poison ivy protection, thousands enjoy the challenge of geocaching.

Anywhere on Earth -- it’s a sport. It’s a hobby. It’s certainly an adventure. And for a growing number of outdoor enthusiasts, it’s becoming an obsession. Geocaching combines the mental challenge of a scavenger hunt with the physical challenge of hiking through unknown territory.

According to geocaching.com -- the online worldwide headquarters for geocaching -- the derivation of the label is straightforward enough: ‘geo’ as in ‘Earth’ and ‘cache’ -- as in the French verb ‘cacher which means ‘to hide’. Geocachers crawl all over the Earth to find items hidden in everything from caves to tree trunks to roadside guardrails.

Here’s how it works. Members of the geocaching community hide treasures or caches. Since the community is worldwide, the treasures could be a couple of miles or a couple of continents away. As of this writing, there are approximately 290,000 caches hidden in 222 countries.

Julie Perrine, a Texas geocacher who reveals her Trekkie side in her geocaching moniker -- Mrs. Captain Picard -- describes the challenge this way: “We only know where we’re supposed to be at the end. There may be a trail but you don’t know where it is. Will I have to climb up that cliff? How do I get across the water? You’ve got to be ready for everything.”

That includes poison ivy. According to Perrine, “You do a lot of bushwacking. You’ve got to be smart and stay on the look out for Mother Nature’s natural hazards like snakes and poison ivy. I carry a stick that I tap everywhere to check for snakes. And büji for protection against poison ivy. In different parts of Texas we run into poison ivy all the time.”

büji™ Wash and büji Block™ are poison ivy/oak products that protect geocachers from urushiol -- the oil found in poison ivy and poison oak that causes the skin irritation and inflammation associated with the plants. büji Block is a pre-contact lotion that protects the skin from the oil while büji Wash is a post-contact lotion that washes the urushiol from the skin; reducing itch and irritation. büji Block also contains an SPF 20 sunscreen for dual protection.

Lynn Black of Hershey, Pennsylvania is the world’s top geocacher. With a total over 16,000, she has found more geocaches than anyone else. Black points out the reason why she now carries büji products. “One time in the winter I wasn’t paying attention. At that time of year, there are no leaves on poison ivy but that doesn’t mean it’s dormant. I got a terrible rash. My hand was incredibly swollen.” Black intends to take her buji with her when she travels abroad in September to hunt with geocaching friends in Germany.

büji President Cadey O’Leary is in awe of Black and Perrine. “It’s such an amazing way for people to experience the great outdoors. It takes brains, courage and a lot of confidence to just head out into the woods, not knowing what to expect.” O’Leary goes on to say, “It makes me feel good to know our products are quickly becoming a geocaching staple. That’s exactly why we developed them in the first place. For people who aren’t afraid of going off the beaten path.”

büji poison ivy/oak products are available nationally at Rite Aid stores. More information about the products and their effectiveness can be found at http://www.bujiproducts.com. For more information about geocaching, visit http://www.geocaching.com.

About büji and Cade Laboratories: buji outsmarts the outdoor elements with products that relieve, protect and condition the skin -- thereby enhancing people’s enjoyment of the outdoors. büji’s premier products target the source of poison ivy/oak reactions and provide UVA/UVB sun protection. They are fragrance-free, dye-free, hypoallergenic and dermatologist-and pediatrician-tested. büji is formulated and marketed by Cade Laboratories. Founded in 2004, the company uses smart, sophisticated science to create innovative skin care products that meet the needs of today’s active consumer. Cade headquarters are located in Chicago, Illinois. For more information, visit http://www.bujiproducts.com or call 888-606-2854.

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