Low-Cost Fixed Price Energy Offer Made to Rural Electric Cooperatives

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Nature's Accent announced today the offer to all Tri-State Rural Electric Cooperative Members of 4.8 cents per Kilowatt hour, with a fixed price for 30 years on 100% renewable energy. The offer included Price and Delivery guarantees, equity participation and revenue sharing.

Nature’s Accent was created to address global warming, over crowded forests and bovine biomass waste issues

Nature’s Accent, Inc., a wholesale generator of renewable energy announced today an opportunity to all Electric Cooperatives belonging to the Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association for low-cost renewable energy at fossil fuel prices.

The opportunity is as follows:

Dear Cooperative Board Member,

It is not often that we get the opportunity to make a good business deal and to do something good for the planet, our communities and your constituents. Nature’s Accent is a renewable energy company with a unique approach to electrical generation and we would like you to know about a Joint Venture opportunity for the cooperatives.

Highlights of Nature’s Accent’s proposal are:

  •     4.8 cents per Kilowatt Pricing fixed for 30 years
  •     Fixed pricing with No Increases over the entire term
  •     Guaranteed Delivery with no down time
  •     Renewable Energy Price Match Guarantee
  •     100% renewable energy using our Tri-Fuel™ plant design
  •     Cooperative Equity Ownership in Generation Plants
  •     Joint Venture revenue on excess energy that is sold
  •     Shareholder Dividends from Equity ownership
  •     Help create Global Cooling (reduce CO2 emissions)
  •     Help watersheds and reduce bovine waste problems
  •     Reduce transmission bottlenecks with locally generated power
  •     Put a plan in place to meet future Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards
  •     Lower the cost of energy to your members, and create employment opportunities locally

If you would like a copy of a formal proposal please email Nature’s Accent by going to our web site and requesting a formal proposal at http://www.naturesaccent.com using our contact form.

Our first plant is planned for Las Vegas, New Mexico and it is planned to start generation in January 2008. We are currently surveying 12 additional sites in New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona and Texas for potential to generate renewable energy.

The plants will range in capacity from 40MW to 100MW and they will be powered by Solar Thermal, Wind and Biomass (Forest or Bovine waste materials), that is integrated into a base load and dispatchable continuous energy plant. We plan to build capacity targeted at 1-1.4 Gigawatts of 100% renewable energy in the next 10 years. We are looking for sites and partnership opportunities.

Partnering with Nature’s Accent does not require any cash participation and we will supply all funding, engineering, construction, and operation of the plants. Through this Joint Venture approach, your Co-op can attain long-term fixed energy pricing, stable power purchases and the benefits of owning your own renewable generation facility. If you are interested, please contact us about building a plant in your service area and please see our web site at http://www.naturesaccent.com.

About the Company

"Nature’s Accent was created to address global warming, over crowded forests and bovine biomass waste issues", said Allen Witters CEO of the Company. "Through ecologically managed forests, we will reduce the threat of catastrophic fires while increasing water production for the surrounding communities. By using dairy and feed lot waste, we remediate a large ecological problem and create low cost energy. The southwest has tremendous natural energy resources that can be turned into large scale renewable energy generation. We can compete directly with coal, gas and nuclear systems and beat them on price, global ethics and uptime," he said.

Las Vegas, NM, is the proposed site of the first plant to be located in the Northeast Regional Wood Business Park owned by San Miguel County and managed by the Las Vegas/San Miguel Economic Development Corporation. The plant will create about 350 high paying professional jobs in rural New Mexico. Nature’s Accent has identified 12 other rural communities with the renewable resources to build clean energy plants.

Witters said the Nature’s Accent Tri-Fuel concept is unique because it combines the use of biomass from either wood waste or cow manure with thermal solar and wind technologies in a single plant. "The company will produce renewable energy that is competitive with non-renewable energy produced from fossil fuels, and it never shuts down," Witters said. "This means we can deliver continuous electricity 24/7 throughout the year without interruption. The design is completely redundant and we adjust production to the least-cost fuel available at any instant in time."

Tri-State G&T is a wholesale electric power supplier owned by the 44 electric cooperatives and public power districts that it serves. The association generates and transports electricity to its member systems in Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico and Wyoming. http://www.tristategt.com

For additional information about Nature’s Accent, an 8A woman-owned privately held corporation, go to http://www.naturesaccent.com.


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