Top 10 Things You Need to Know About Satellite Phones

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There are lost of myths and plenty of misinformation about satellite phones, All Road Communications produced this list of the 'Top 10 Things You Need to Know About Satellite Phones' to help educate and inform those who may need to rent or buy one in the near future.

San Diego based All Road Communications,, America's Number 1 satellite phone rental and sales provider, announces the top 10 things you need to know about satellite phones:

1 - Satellite phones work when cell phones and land lines do not

When hurricane Katrina hit the South last year the cell phone towers went down, and the power went out, but satellite phones kept working. Sat phones do not use cell phone towers to communicate, and the satellites are not powered by the power grid.

2 - Satellite phones can work indoors

By itself a satellite phone will only work where you have clear line of sight to the sky, in other words, outdoors. But if you install a fixed mast antenna on your roof then your satellite phone will work inside your building. Fixed mast antennas cost as little as $300, the cable to connect them to your satellite phone costs around $10 per foot.

3 - Satellite phones can work in your car

For under $200 you can buy a car antenna and adaptor for an Iridium satellite phone, which will enable you to use you satellite phone whilst driving.

4 - Satellite phones are not that expensive

You can buy a Globalstar satellite phone for as little as $749 from, less than some cell high end cell phones. The minutes are cheaper than they used to be also, often under $1 a minute, far less than international roaming rates charged by most cell phone companies.

5 - Satellite phones do not all work anywhere on earth

Make sure that sat phone you get will work where you are going, sat phones do not all work anywhere as some people think. If you want to be safe get an Iridium phone, this will work anywhere on earth with the only exceptions being Poland, North Korea and Cuba. Also note that some countries in the Middle East, like Syria or Oman, tend to confiscate satellite phones on site, so if you must go there then keep a low profile when using your phone.

6 - Satellite phones are not waterproof

They are not rugged nor waterproof, get one wet at your peril. If you are a fisherman or using your phone on your yacht then get a waterproof hard case, Pelican and Sea Horse both make such cases, they will keep your phone dry and even float if lost overboard.

7 - Satellite phones are smaller than you think

Whilst bigger than a cell phone, sat phones are getting smaller, and lighter, but generally they still will not fit in your pocket.

8 - Satellite phones can be bought or rented

Many people only need a satellite phone once or twice a year, in these cases renting would be the way to go. Companies like rent satellite phones from as little as $19.49 per week, they also rent accessories like solar panels and pelican cases.

9 - Satellite phones can receive text messages

You can send sms to satellite phones, just go to . It is free to receive text messages on an Iridium or Globalstar phone, but sending sms from a sat phone usually costs around 50 cents per message.

10 - Satellite phones can give you internet access

You can rent or buy data kits for Globalstar and Iridium satellite phones, getting around 2.6K on Globalstar and up to 18K on Iridium. These are the kind of speeds you used to get when the net first came around, so don't expect to be surfing image intensive sites or checking out videos, but for email you should be ok. Switch off images in your browser for a less frustrating experience.

All Road Communications rents Globalstar satellite phones, like the Qualcomm GSP 1600, from just $19.49 per week, and Iridium satellite phones, like the Iridium 9505A, from just $39.99 per week. All Road also rents all the accessories which you might need, including Pelican Cases, Solar Panels, Fixed Mast Antennas and Car Antennas.

All Road is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

All Road can deliver your phone the same day you order it if necessary, or will ship your phone anywhere on earth and get it there on time, guaranteed.

Call All Road anytime to order, or for a free quote, for your personal or business needs at 1-888-884-7623 or by direct dial at USA 619-596-4574, or order online at

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