Trans Alaska Pipeline Systems [TAPS] Statistics and Status Investigated For Possible Discrepancies, to be Probed by News Internet Radio

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News Internet Radio requests that the Trans Alaska Pipeline System complete statistics and current status be disclosed and to include data since the inception of drilling to answer why the United States is still dependent upon foreign oil as a result of this Government supervised project.

A request by News Internet Radio,, is requested for the complete disclosure by the full Congress, House and Senate including results of the Contractors they selected, which includes all of the participating Oil Companies involved in the planning, construction, operation and distribution, the Trans Alaska Pipeline System’s statistics since its inception and the specific reasons for the United States to still be dependent upon foreign oil, as this project was promoted to the Citizens of the United States as a solution to foreign oil dependency in the 1970's.

The request is for a public disclosure as to the whereabouts and the quantities of oil that has been extracted from the Trans Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS). This is to include any and all oil pumped through the TAPS since its inception.

The purpose of this request by News Internet Radio is to make clear for U.S. Citizens exactly how much the TAPS has reduced our dependency on OPEC’s pricing structures and foreign oil and to understand our dependency on foreign oil with all of its ramifications for our country and the world.

The request is the result of what appears to be a failure to deliver any meaningful independence from foreign oil, both privately and commercially by our Government and the Energy Industries. Since this has been going on for many decades, no political focus is implied as both major parties have been involved in this situation and conditions through multiple Administrations. Both the Republican and Democratic Parties over the previous 36 years have failed to produce results in regards to energy independence as was implied and represented in starting this project in the late 1960's to early 1970's.

Two Internet News Radio 'sources' have confirmed in field research and reported to News Internet Radio that wells have been drilled, proven and capped, indicating possible intentional supplies being withheld from the U.S. consumers, taxpayers and citizens.

Mr. & Mrs. America and for that matter any citizen concerned with the escalating gasoline prices are encouraged to ask their Senator or Congressperson at also, as we have in regards to this what happened to the results of the Trans Alaska Pipeline System and what needs to be done now to execute and accomplish complete Energy and Oil independence for the United States.

Our editors at News Internet Radio, awaits any and all relevant responses to this request of elected representatives.

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