A New Agenda for Ghana: Building a Nation on Ideas & Vision

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A former colony faces frustrations in early nationhood. Corruption is endemic in African politics thanks to a residual colonial mentality. The colonial structures and institutions handed over at independence leads to corruption and inefficiency in government. Although some may argue that coups (military interventions) are a necessary evil in a dictatorial regime, subsequent coups have shown Africa beyond doubt that the best military government is no better than the worst republic/civilian government. Today Ghana, though 49 years old, is still crawling, thanks to political mismanagement. A New Agenda for Ghana cannot overemphasize that the book is timely. Because Ghanaians need to read it before they go to the polls in 2008. It may appear to condemn the Establishment as per cover but a thorough reading will reveal a strong balance. For those who want a copy of the book this is the link: http://www.authorhouse.com/BookStore/BookStoreSearchResults.aspx?SearchType=smpl&SearchTerm=OKYERE+BONNA

A New Agenda for Ghana

Politics is about the future.

To get to a good future a nation must have honest leaders with vision. Unfortunately, this is not the case in many countries in Africa. The frustration over how the Establishment is running the nation is heartbreaking to say the least. "A New Agenda for Ghana" presents material on the frustrations in many areas.

In these pages Okyere Bonna provides numerous examples that prove how the current government is handling economic, social and political issues to the detriment of the nation’s people and posterity.

"A New Agenda for Ghana" is in two volumes. Volume 2 gives some insights into what ought to be done to save Ghana from destruction/debt. Volume 1 brings to light some of the concerns of Ghanaians, especially those in the Diaspora. Instead of searching for solutions to the nation’s problems, the current leaders resort to begging and borrowing. African leaders need to break from the status quo, come out of the "club,” and identify with the needs of the people.

The politicians and the government alike say the economy is tight and the people and workers need to take pay cuts, but the MPs and CEOs are always taking a raise in salary and compensations. They receive huge bonuses at the end of the year and also take big cuts in percentage of state contracts. The inconsistency illustrates how the colonial mentality of the servant-master relationship pervades the political institutions in Ghana today.

Until what Africa and for that much Ghana inherited from the colonial system is reformed to reflect the African culture, Africa (Ghana included) will keep running in circles.

Corruption is always on the rise. Our political elites live with incongruity and a lack of discipline that goes against the grain with the citizens and the nation. The results show well in the big gap between the upper class and the lower class. There is virtually no middle class in Ghana (and Africa in general). One is either very poor or very rich.

"A New Agenda for Ghana" (Vol.1) makes the case for a new breed of leaders for Ghana – and for Africa. "Africa’s (Ghana not excluded) wounds are self-inflicted and are nothing of the devil’s doing. They are the result of our own continued choice of incompetent and wrong leaders. We need democratically elected Head(s) of State who are vision and development oriented to transform our nations into First World status," Bonna argues.

I strongly recommend this book for all colleges in reference to African politics and management studies. This book is available at http://www.athorhouse.com book store.


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