Amazing New Endurance Program for Triathletes Boosts Stamina Instantly

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Announcing Triple Your Endurance-Triathlete Edition: A new all-natural endurance building home-study course designed for beginner triathletes as well as advanced. Triathletes rave about this new energy-building program because it has no taxing effect on the body from harmful drugs and energy drinks.

Recently, new breakthrough information regarding lactic acid has turned the endurance world upside down. “Research shows lactic acid is NOT as harmful as one might think if you are an endurance athlete. In fact, if used properly, lactic acid can enhance workouts and race performances three fold,” explains Vince Palko creator of Triple Your Endurance – Triathlete Edition, a new home study course launched in June of 2006. “Basically, muscle cells break down carbohydrates to create energy for the body. The natural bi-product of this process is lactic acid. If the body does NOT use up the lactic acid, it leaches into the muscles causing muscle soreness and cramping.”

But, if athletes know how to put this bi-product to work, they could literally create a new fuel source out of thin air. Triple Your Endurance – Triathlete Edition teaches triathletes how to do so with secret breathing techniques born out of eastern philosophy. “These simple techniques are extremely powerful. They create a storehouse of new energy to burn for improved times and end ‘in race’ muscle fatigue commonly known as 'bonking' once and for all.” This new energy booster also aids in obliterating post workout soreness. Zero soreness after workouts allows the athlete to get back on the road, training quicker to reduce their times even more.

Before you grab the disgusting energy slimes, or drink another false energy drink, try an all-natural approach that gives super endurance with Triple Your Endurance - Triathlete Edition. Then see for yourself the sustained release of energy in the next race. For more information on how Triple Your Endurance, contact Vince Palko or go to


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