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An online magazine printing company educates on the full color magazine printing process.

Marketing a business has become incredibly sophisticated as companies vie for the attention of an increasingly consumer-savvy society. Magazine Printing company Pelican Magazine Printing that has over two decades of Catalog Printing and Cheap Magazine Printing expertise in print and design continues to educates prospects to help them better understand the four color printing process.

Full color Magazine Printing has become the standard in the world of magazine printing. Black ink with perhaps a special color or “spot color” for special effect is in most cases a thing of the past. Many professional printing companies charge less for full color printing than they do for black and a spot color. A full colored magazine can be a great asset for an advertising company, a business enterprise, educational institution or any other commercial enterprise. When we talk about full color magazine printing we are referring to four-color printing or standard color printing. Full color printing employs blue (cyan), red (magenta), yellow, and black inks, often abbreviated to CMYK c-Cyan, m-Magenta, y-Yellow, k-Black. Almost any computer software can convert text and images to CMYK and this is the standard requirement of printers.

Almost all magazines you see in the market today are “Full Color Magazines” and are printed using four-color process. (CMYK) This standard for color printing provides the brilliant color shades and eye catching look for the magazine. Why? Color is real and people relate to it. Color sells.

One striking advantage of the full color magazine printing process is that computer-controlled inking and chemical mixing systems provide color consistency quickly, economically and can be matched easily if you are using more than one printing company. The technology provides automatic coloring and register control and maintains consistent quality, making full color printing the most popular printing choice. When it comes to printing the exact color according to your specified requirements full color printing is the way to go. If you’re looking to match a specific pantone color, the 4 color printing process can provide a very close match for most of these pantone colors. Occasionally it is hard to match pantone color and a 5th color may be added to the 4 color process to get the exact color match you are looking for. This option is more expensive but for some well known brands an option they choose.

There are two basic choices used in magazine printing: laser printing and offset printing. In both cases, the printing processes have the ability to produce large quantities of high quality papers or documents. Most full color magazine printing is done using offset printing utilizing the four-color processes. In offset printing, ink is spread on a metal plate with etched images, then transferred (or “offset”) to an intermediary surface, and is then applied to paper by pressing the paper against the intermediary surface.

The reasons why the offset printing is popular in the commercial world are:

1. Sharp, clear images which can be reproduced quickly and consistently. This is because that the rubber blanket used conforms to the texture of the printing surface. When squeezed against the surface of the paper a near perfect transfer occurs.

2. The metal plates that transfer the images can be reliably imaged quickly and for a reasonable cost.

3. Usability on a wide range of printing surfaces in addition to smooth paper.

Offset printing usually produces clearer, crisper type and higher resolution than laser printing. The type of paper used in full color magazine printing is lightweight and ideally suited for an offset printing press. These stocks are also usually coated to achieve a more shiny and vibrant look. These thin coated papers are not suitable for laser printers.

Full color magazine printing does not compromise on any of the desired requirements.

Size: Almost any size can be printed on an offset printing press for any magazine printing job you may have.

Cost: The cost of full color printing is very reasonable. Once expensive, It is now affordable.

Quality: When you talk of quality full color magazine printing is far ahead of other printing techniques.

Time: Full color magazine printing takes less time and offers superior quality.

Attractiveness and layout: Besides quality, a full color magazine is known to produce the most attractive magazines in the business world. If the layout is inspiring, the reader will not get lost trying to look for information and in fact will be captivated by the images and messages you are projecting.

Design: Use of multiple-color helps in the designing process, for instance the ability to add various shades or any color to any part of the magazine.

Full color magazine printing offers the best quality for dollars spent. Just another reason the 4 color process is so popular. The price in today’s modern printing world is very affordable. If you are looking for a high-end quality color magazine, then stop the search and choose full color printing. This process will promote your business advertising strategies, promote your brand and have real impact with your audience. Go for it today! Choose full color printing and see what happens to your business.

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