Top 10 Ways to Save Money When Renting a Satellite Phone

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Find out how to get the most value out of your next satellite phone rental.

All Road Communications shows how to get the most value out of your next satellite phone rental.

1 - Rent the Phone for the Correct Amount of Time & Avoid Late Fees

You may only be going away for a week, but you still have to ship the phone back to the satellite phone rental company. Your satellite phone rental will only come to an end once the satellite phone has been received by the company. Daily late fees can run up to $15 a day or more, whereas weekly rates run around $39.99, so it is usually cheaper to rent for 2 weeks than 9 or 10 days.

2 - Buy a bundle of prepaid minutes

Base rate minutes can go as high as $3.49 per minute if you 'pay as you go'. Avoid this issue by purchasing a bundle of minutes. For example All Road Communications charges $1.79 base rate for Iridium satellite phone minutes, but if you buy a 150 minute bundle your rate goes right down to $1.38 per minute, saving you 41 cents per minute.

3 - Lock in You Minutes & Avoid Overages

All Road offers Rate Lock for just $10. Rate Lock 'locks in' the rate of your bundle of minutes should you go over the amount of minutes you purchased. For example, if you buy 500 minutes you get $1.34 per minute, but if you actually use 700 minutes then you will pay the base rate ($1.79) for the 200 minutes that you went over. Rate Lock would lock you in at a rate of, in this case, $1.34 per minute no matter how many minutes you actually used.

4 - Going Off Road? Buy Insurance

A Globalstar phone costs about $749 to replace, and Iridium phone costs $1495 to replace, to repair either costs about $150 an hour. Home owners insurance will usually not cover such costs, so buy damage insurance and sleep well in your tent. At All Road damage insurance runs at $75 per month.

5 - Use Iridium's 2 Stage Dialing Number

Iridium satellite phones have their own country code (8816), so when you call an Iridium satellite phone direct you can pay a fortune, as mush as $15 a minute or more, depending on your long distance carrier. The cheapest rate we found was with Vonage at about $3.50 per minute. Bypass this cost by using Iridium's 2 Stage Dialing system. This is just an Arizona number that you call, then you will be prompted to put in the satellite phone number you are calling, then you will be connected. This way you just pay the US long distance rate, but note that the person with the sat phone will be billed minute for minute as long as the call lasts. The upside is that combined cost of a US long distance minute and the $1.79 Iridium minute is still more than $1.50 per minute cheaper than any other method of calling. Give this number to family and or the office, seeing as you will probably be paying all the bills anyway! The 2 Stage Dialing Number is 1-480-768-2500.

6 - Use SMS

Iridium and Globalstar phones that are rented from All Road Communications both offer free incoming sms (text messages). Send messages from

7 - Order your Satellite Phone Rental in Advance

If you leave it to the last minute then All Road Communications can deliver your phone to you, even as late as the same day you order it, but you pay for that. If we have to drive to the airport and put your phone on a plane it will not be cheap. Save yourself money and get the cheapest shipping method by placing your order at least a week or 2 in advance. Also note that Hurricane Season is going to be in full swing this month and many satellite phone rental companies will run out of phones if a major storm hits, but ordering in advance will reserve you a phone.

8 - Protect Your Equipment with a Pelican Case

Satellite phones are not rugged nor are they waterproof. Rent a Hard Case for under $2 a day and keep your phone dry and safe. If these phones get wet they are usually totally ruined and have to be replaced.

9 - Need a Lot of Phones? Call for a Quote!

All Road often rents multiple phones for things like sporting events or hurricane preparedness. Long term rentals and large rentals usually qualify for a good discount so call 1-888-884-7623 for a free no obligation quote, or go to

10 - Rent the Right Satellite Phone

Don't waste your money! Not all satellite phones work in all areas. If you are not sure of where you are going to be then rent an Iridium Satellite phone, this phone will work anywhere in the world, the only exceptions being Poland, Cuba and North Korea.

All Road Communications rents Globalstar satellite phones, like the Qualcomm GSP 1600, from just $19.49 per week, and Iridium satellite phones, like the Iridium 9505A, from just $39.99 per week. All Road also rents all the accessories which you might need, including Pelican Cases, Solar Panels, Batteries, Car Chargers, Fixed Mast Antennas and Car Antennas.

All Road is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

All Road can deliver your phone the same day you order it if necessary, or will ship your phone anywhere on earth and get it there on time, guaranteed.

Call All Road anytime to order, or for a free quote, for your personal or business needs at 1-888-884-7623 or by direct dial at USA 619-596-4574.

You may order your satellite phone rental online at

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