VersaClimber Shaking Things Up in the Fitness Industry with the Release of the First Total Body Vertical Climber & Stepper Systems Using (WBV) Vibration

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The Exervibe is the only Whole Body Vibration (WBV) cardio equipment available.

VersaClimber has made a name for itself in the last 25 years introducing revolutionary fitness equipment products in a very competitive industry.Vibration technology is the newest development to hit the industry and fitness equipment manufacturers are meeting the demand by introducing static (where user stands in place) vibration plates.

VersaClimber continues its innovation by introducing the Exervibe vibration line stepper, climber and weight stack machines) that is much more effective than anything on the market. The units use Whole Body Vibration (WBV) in combination with a dynamic stepping, climbing, pushing, pulling movement while optimal vibration stimulation (28-30htz) is applied.

“When standing on a vibrating platform, the effect of the vibration is maximized at the feet and reduced as it moves upward through the body," says Brett Collins, VP of Sales & Marketing. “The muscles and tissue of the body act like a shock absorber as vibration travels upward. The Exervibe, unlike plates, delivers a wider distribution of vibration input to various / more parts of the body. Pedals, grips, seat, handrails vibrate to stimulate more effectively -- true essence of Whole Body Vibration."

The advantages of *vibration applied statically or dynamically to more body parts can not be matched by platforms. Russians proved that vibration is most effective during muscle load / movement. You get increased strength gains during a Cardio workout. All muscles used in climbing/stepping are subjected to vibration stimulation that has been shown in studies to increase strength gains up to 25 % more then without vibration. Push stretching, strength and cardio benefits at same time thereby reducing overall gym time. More exercise in less time with no extra effort.

Exervibe Benefits

The amplitude and frequency of vibration was selected for our products based on Russian findings that were most effective = 3-4mm amplitude at 28-30 htz

1. Decreased recovery time after workouts -- flushes out lactic acid

2. Increase your muscle strength up to 25% 3. Rapid warm up and stretching advantages.

4. Concentric, eccentric and plyometric muscle fiber stimulation -- achieved by muscle fibers contracting 30 times a second.

5. Increased blood flow results in more nutrients into and by products out of muscles for more aggressive workout, with no extra effort.

6. More fitness in less time and no extra effort.

7. Muscle Fibers do more work under vibration load

8. Reduces Chronic Lower back pain

9. Reduced Blood Pressure

10. Dramatically improve your flexibility and range of motion

11. Heighten your sense of balance and coordination

12. Feels good. Vibration massage reduces stress.

About VersaClimber:

VersaClimber is a leading manufacturer of vertical cardio fitness equipment solutions for commercial and home users. The company has been in business 25 years and manufactures all products in the USA.

VersaClimber delivers its customers best-in-class products to ensure quality, durability, and value. Information please call 1.800.237.2271 or visit

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