AP9 GalleriaUSA Advises Parents on Back-to-School Fashion Purchases for Teenagers and Kids

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AP9 GalleriaUSA, from Adaptive Marketing LLC, provides consumers with great deals on clothes, shoes and more.

That time of the year has come again. While kids are still enjoying the wonders of summer, parents are already planning budget and trips to the mall because, along with getting their kids back on a schedule, they’re also responsible for all the supplies and clothes their children need for the new school year. Parents who are members of AP9 Galleria USA, a leading membership discount program offered by Adaptive Marketing LLC, have an easier time with their back-to-school budget, because they know they can save 20% on gift cards to major retailers across the country.

AP9 Galleria USA members can log on to Dealpass to take advantage of their money-saving benefits. With their budget concerns out of the way, parents face two big issues: to find durable, comfortable clothes that smaller kids can wear for a long time before they destroy or out-grow them; and, when teenagers are involved, to come to an agreement about tastes, styles and the proper school attire.

To make things a bit easier for everybody, AP9 GalleriaUSA has some advice that can help ease tensions during the upcoming back-to-school shopping season:

-- Talk it out. This is the perfect time to sit down with your kids, no matter their age, and share opinions about school fashion trends. Let your kids express their points of view, listen to them, decide where you might be willing to compromise, and arm yourself with patience. If you can reach an agreement with them before hitting the stores, you can avoid unseemly arguments in the fitting rooms later on.

-- Set rules and limits. Once you and your children establish some common ground, make sure they clearly know the Do’s and Don’ts of this year’s shopping trips. Clothes with offensive messages, pants up to five sizes bigger than your child needs, and extremely revealing shirts or skirts are out of bounds for most parents -- and for most schools’ dress codes.

-- Shop smart. Go to the clearance racks first. You can always get great items there, including ideal pieces to create mix-match outfits, like solid color t-shirts, jeans and khakis. If you find something really cheap, don’t be afraid to shop in advance for the next season. Buy items at least two sizes bigger, but make sure they are classic pieces, so they won’t be out of style by the time your kids fit in them.

-- Take advantage. Once you agree on some styles, colors or materials, go for it as much as you can. If they like t-shirts with their favorite bands or singers, combined with fairly old-looking jeans, load up on both items. Capitalize on the agreement by teaching them about the quality of the materials or fabrics, especially on shoes and everyday apparel like jackets, since kids often care only about style. Remind them that there are limits to your budget and that you won’t be buying new shoes every three months.

-- Walk a hallway in their shoes. Remember how you felt every time your parents bought you something you didn’t like and made you wear it to school? Don’t do the same to your kids. Peer pressure can be very intense at school, and clothing allows kids to identify with others and, at the same time, express their individuality.

In addition to savings on gift cards for major retailers, members can receive exclusive savings on eyewear, books, book bags, accessories and much more through AP9 GalleriaUSA.

AP9 Galleria USA

AP9 Galleria USA is a leading membership discount program offered by Adaptive Marketing LLC. Headquartered in Norwalk, Conn., Adaptive Marketing is a category leader in both membership and loyalty programs, bringing value direct to consumers through an array of benefits in healthcare, discounts, security, personal property and personals. Members may access their benefits at DealPass.com, an online portal for Adaptive Marketing membership programs. With broad online and offline distribution capabilities, Adaptive Marketing offers its corporate client partners effective tools to enhance market presence, strengthen customer affinity and generate additional value through programs, such as AP9 GalleriaUSA.

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