Seattle Golf Fitness Experts Use NASA Technology to Improve Golfers' Balance

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Seattle golf fitness expert Mike Litke, Certified Athletic Trainer and Manager at Seattle’s Body Balance for Performance, has announced the implementation of the Dynamic Balance System (DBS) in the Redmond and Bellevue Body Balance centers, servicing the greater Seattle, WA area. The DBS uses technology developed for NASA to help golfers improve their golf swing and overall balance.

the condition of the body is important to be the best golfer you can be.

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Mike Litke, Body Balance for Performance Manager and Seattle area golf fitness expert, is pleased to announce the arrival of the Dynamic Balance System at the Redmond and Bellevue Body Balance for Performance branches.

The Dynamic Balance System (DBS) is a precise instructional tool designed to monitor the golfer's center of gravity while providing immediate visual and audio feedback. The Seattle golf fitness experts and physical therapists will work with golfers to improve their swing, distance, accuracy, and overall game using the DBS.

The DBS utilizes testing and training techniques originally developed for NASA and the medical field. Advanced Forceplate Technology provides feedback on the golfer’s weightbearing and weightshift dynamically during the motion of the golf swing and while standing ready at the tee. Students learn kinesthetic awareness--the "feel" of their motion--and how to improve their balance and overall golf fitness.

"The (DBS) shows you exactly how and where your weight is balanced throughout your golf swing," said Litke. "While providing immediate visual feedback, the DBS specifically monitors the body’s center of gravity. The system allows you the chance to see, in graphic detail, how you maintain your balance throughout your swing. A golf fitness specialist will then explain how your body’s limitations influence these movements."

The DBS is able to monitor right/left, heel/toe, and rotational movements while recording the motion of the student's center of gravity (COG) in real-time.

Jess Frank, PGA Professional, said, "I used (the DBS) system at the PGA Learning Center and loved the feedback with the beeping sounds when my weight went on my toes. I learn by sound the best and this corrected my balance in about three minutes!"

Most clients see significant improvement in their golf swing and overall golf fitness in only a few months. Golfers who are interested in any of the following can benefit from the Body Balance Redmond and Bellevue golf fitness programs:

  •      4-6 stroke reduction for an average golfer
  •     25-35 yards additional driving distance for an average golfer
  •     greater consistency and accuracy
  •     greater percentage of fairways and greens in regulation
  •     greater club-head speed
  •     improved balance and flexibility
  •     ability to swing safely and play pain-free

Rick Smith, current Top 100 PGA Teaching Professional and Golf Digest Top 5 Instructor, supports the Body Balance for Performance golf fitness program, and believes "the condition of the body is important to be the best golfer you can be."

Visit to learn more about improving golfers’ balance and golf swing with the DBS from Seattle golf fitness experts. To check out the DBS during a free consultation, call Mike Litke at 425-283-5737 to schedule an appointment.

There are also currently over 40 other Body Balance for Performance centers across the United States. Call 1-888-FIT-GOLF to find a nearby location. All Body Balance golf fitness centers are staffed by licensed health care professionals.

About Body Balance for Performance

The Body Balance for Performance program is based on the idea that a body issue contributes to every golf swing flaw. It is based on scientific research that measures muscle activity during the golf swing. Mike Litke has been working with athletes and the prevention and rehabilitation of their injuries for the last nine years, and joined Body Balance for Performance in 2002.


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