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The world’s first model specific motorcycle lock, the RoadLoK™ MID Arachnid™ S2, has been delivered and is now available for purchase online from Bikebone.

The world’s first model specific motorcycle lock, the RoadLoK™ MID Arachnid™ S2, has been delivered and is now available for purchase online from at

Rueben Jackson, owner and CEO of PEDCO, LLC stated, “The RoadLoK is the most advanced motorcycle locking system ever designed, period. Once installed, this device is designed to become an integral part of the motorcycle.”

The RoadLoK Motorcycle Immobilization Device (MID), the world’s first model-specific motorcycle lock. The lock replaces the factory rear brake caliper mounting bracket, but does not modify any factory settings or systems. Rather it adds an ABLOY lock cylinder and a spring-loaded locking pin, the LoK™, to the rear caliper mounting bracket, making it part of the rider’s motorcycle. Each RoadLoK MID Arachnid is precision calibrated to work seamlessly with the motorcycle’s existing OEM factory cross-drilled brake rotor and swing arm assembly.

Jackson continued, “The combination of functionality, exceptional styling, and superior quality puts the RoadLoK in a class by itself. Aesthetically, the device is like a work of art. It actually enhances the look of the bike and gives the bike a custom look that no other locking device can offer.”

Eric Xavier, CEO of RoadLoK Security said, “Great time and consideration was taken in the aesthetic design of the RoadLoK MID Arachnid Series due to the fact that, although it is a functional bike lock, it is also an accessory because it is permanently mounted to the frame. The aggressive, edgy design cues of the Arachnid Series are intended to compliment the appearance of Japan’s wild sport bikes.”

Constructed of hardened aluminum alloys and the best stainless steel compounds, the RoadLoK MID Arachnid Series provides bikers with a new level of protection for their motorcycles. Each RoadLoK is outfitted with a high security ABLOY® lock cylinder, making it virtually unpickable. And unlike typical disc locks, the RoadLoK MID is mounted directly to the motorcycle’s frame. This means there is no longer a bulky disc lock to haul around.

When the LoK™ is in place, the wheel is locked; it cannot roll. Completely eliminating movement, the RoadLoK MID eliminates the potential for damage to the bike; the rider will also be protected from injury because the rider will not have a chance to lift their feet to the pegs… the bike simply does not move at all. Xavier explains, “When the LoK is engaged, the bike will not move and therefore will only stall if the riders tries to take off. Additionally, there is no fear of the LoK pin accidentally engaging while the rider is riding; the LoK is safely clipped to the rider’s keys.”

Jackson is an endorser of the product and offers his predictions, “This is an exemplary product - safety on multiple levels. I strongly encourage all owners of the high theft risk bikes to seriously consider the RoadLoK as standard equipment just like the fork lock that comes with every bike sold. In fact, I predict at some point the RoadLoK will be sought after by the big four Japanese manufacturers and even the custom bike manufacturers as well.”

According to Xavier, it was an easy fit for business when he met Rueben Jackson. “Jackson’s passion for motorcycle safety and design was like our own. We are honored to have him as part of the extended RoadLoK family.”

The Arachnid Series, S2, was designed for the Suzuki Hayabusa (1999-2006) and is now available at or visit for more information.


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