“Your Ads, Your Way” Gives Consumers Power to Advertise Their Own Views About Products, Services & More With User-Generated Ads

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With new user-generated ad service consumers can make their own ads and share their views on companies, products and services in video ad format with the world.

Reality Adz ™ (, a new web service where consumers can make their own user-generated ads, today announced its beta test phase and invites users to make and share their own ads with the world.

Companies also looking to get real customer feedback can challenge Reality Adz users to make them an ad.

The founders of Reality Adz started the company to give consumers a level playing field with the manufacturers that sell them stuff.

“Traditional TV advertising is based on illusions,” said Steve Harmon, co-founder and CEO of Reality Adz. “Companies rarely share the truth about the product, the reality that a consumer will experience. Consumers are inundated with advertising everywhere and most of it is wasting consumer’s time. We sit through hours of ad drivel during prime time.

“Consumers with TiVo or their DVR just fast-forward through TV ads. We’re all burned out on the gimmicks of traditional TV advertising. The real power is letting consumers make the ads, it gives other consumers great insights into products and services and warns them if something is not that great.”

Companies also looking to build better products and services can benefit from getting real consumer feedback via their own video ads.

“The smarter, forward-looking companies will embrace consumers as part of the creative process,” added Harmon. “With more than $300 billion spent on all forms of advertising in the U.S. it’s time to put the truth in advertising. We call it ‘truthvertising.’”

Reality Adz has several channels that consumers can upload their video ads into: Raves (good reviews), Rants (complaints about products/services), Spoofs (user remakes of traditional ads), and more. Users can upload their video ads in the most-popular video formats including Windows and Mac. Some of the user-made video ads now on Reality Adz include those about Hughes Net, Motorola, Honda, Nintendo, John Deere, Microsoft and more.

About Reality Adz:

Reality Adz' mission is “Your Ads, Your Way” to let real people share their views on products, services and more with the world. We call it 'democratizing advertising,' empowering everyone to make their own ads about anything.

Reality Adz was started after the founders realized, as both satisfied and frustrated consumers themselves, that people should have a way to share their actual experiences with anything through making their own ads about those products, services or places.

All of us, the real consumers, know exactly the pros and cons of the stuff we have bought, the services we have used, the places we have visited -- sometimes finding out too late after our money has been spent. We all want to see and hear from others who have bought an item, taken a trip, signed up for a service or had an experience, good or bad. People helping each other through real experiences means less consumer frustration and more empowerment for all of us.

And companies can tap Reality Adz' creative users to make them an ad. Who better to talk about a product then a satisfied customer? With Reality Adz consumers rule and companies can tap their customers for real ads, Reality Adz.

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