Is Your CPAP Machine Leaving You With a Dry Throat, or a Stuffy Nose?

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CPAP Europe explain why it's a good idea to add a heated humidifier to a CPAP machine. People deserve a good night's sleep so why not give the best chance at complete sleep comfort?

Is your CPAP machine leaving you with a dry throat, or a stuffy nose?

Do you sometimes have to wake up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water?

Some CPAP users have complained of dryness, stuffy noses and pain in the nostrils due to the temperature and lack of moisture in the circulated air from their CPAP machine.

If this sounds familiar, a person could find some relief by adding a Heated Humidifier. According to the CPAPopedia on, a forum for Sleep Apnoea sufferers, “a heated humidifier uses a water chamber in conjunction with a heater plate, which warms the water that is delivered through the patient circuit. Heated humidification has known to cut down on mouth breathing, as well as improve compliance.”

The first heated humidifier was used with a CPAP machine in 1992, when it was thought of as just a luxury add-on to improve comfort during sleep. Since then, opinion has changed and it has been clinically proven that Heated Humidification can improve CPAP compliance in many cases.

The REMstar Heated Humidifier for CPAP is also a pass-over style humidifier. Heated pass-over style humidifiers are much more efficient at providing humidification simply by increasing the water temperature, which increases water vapour production vs. free humidification. By increasing the water temperature, additional energy is added to the individual molecules, allowing more of them to transform from the liquid state. As a result, the heated humidifier has the capability to provide additional water vapour to the CPAP unit's air stream vs. a typical cool pass-over design.

Respironics are a world leader in sleep therapy technologies, and their REMstar range is an affordable quality choice for sleep apnoea sufferers.

If it sounds like you could benefit from heated humidification, then head on over to

Also, if people have allergy problems, they could try the Airfree P80 Air Purifier. It incinerates 99.99 percent of all micro-organisms: spores, fungus, bacteria, virus, mold spores etc. that pass its core. Other products that may be of benefit to CPAP users include Just Buy Online's range of Sinus and Allergy products on


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