New ‘Workout Cheat Sheets’ Deliver Immediate Strength and Flexibility Gains

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Simple workout tool, part of revolutionary muscle activation system, boosts exercise performance up to 30 percent

Imagine having the ability to instantly access increased muscle strength and flexibility, boosting exercise performance and achieving far better results in a fraction of typical workout time. Now it’s possible, not through supplements or years of training, but through exercise-specific muscle activations.

David Petersen, CSCS, has developed a muscle activation program that has produced immediate results for his clients in the Tampa Bay area. The program focuses on maximizing human function and performance by restoring muscle balance and movements.

According to Petersen, stress is the root cause of decreased performance. “When we experience any type of stress, our nervous system initiates the ‘fight or flight’ response and since most of the time we have no choice but to fight, our bodies instinctively close forward to defend our vital organs,” Petersen says. Continual daily stress reinforces this defensive posture, trapping the body in a weak, low-performance state.

“If you haven’t activated your muscles and opened your body up beforehand, you’re sabotaging your training,” Petersen says. “It’s impossible to defend and perform at the same time. Trying to exercise while locked in a defense posture means you’re literally fighting your own body. It’s ironic, but many people have trained for years without realizing their true potential”.

Anyone can benefit from the program through Petersen’s just-released “Workout Cheat Sheets,” anatomical drawings illustrating exercise-specific muscle activations to instantly increase muscle strength and flexibility. Use of the Cheat Sheets also helps in breaking the body out of defense mode, freeing it up for greatly improved performance.

“I’ve had some people call the activations magic,” says Petersen who prefers to consider them manipulation of the body’s natural reflexes. The true test of a muscle activation however is realized when a person performs one on themselves, and since the website offers a trial Sheet, a visitor can “activate” in seconds right in front of their computer.

While his clients may sometimes draw curious looks in the gym for their pre-workout routines, Petersen says, “This is perhaps the easiest, best bang-for-the-buck step you can take to instantly boost your performance. A year from now, this will be commonplace in gyms and health clubs.”

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About David Petersen:

Petersen is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and Kinesiologist. He has a BS in exercise physiology and biochemistry and holds a postgraduate degree in Biokinetics/Kinesiology. He owns B.O.S.S. Fitness Inc., a Tampa area fitness and consulting company.


David Petersen, CSCS

B.O.S.S. Fitness Inc.



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