Coastal Vacations' Largest Worldwide Reseller Expands

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Coastal Vacations' largest reseller, the Coastal Vacations Sales Center, is growing again. The addition of a new marketing program designed for novices and those with limited time is getting rave reviews. The largest, fastest growing and most successful group in Coastal Vacations continues to add full time staff to accommodate demand for the new program.

Coastal Vacations' largest worldwide reseller has expanded the services they offer and is adding additional staff to accommodate demand for a new program geared toward novices and those with limited time. Additional information is available at .

Coastal Vacations Sales Center conference call host and training coordinator Dean Marino was excited about the success of the new program; "We are always looking for ways to help our members be more successful. The implementation of our novice marketer program means they can start generating income even before they have completed our training program."

The Coastal Vacations Sales Center is the largest, fastest growing, and most successful group in the 12 year old Coastal Vacations top rated home based business. Many feel the new program distances the top group even further ahead of any potential competitors.

Marino reports that the new program started producing sales for members almost immediately. Several sales were finalized within 5 days of its implementation. In addition to the sales generated by the program, members have reported huge increases in sales due to the excitement it generated.

The old style business model operated by others in the Coastal program try to teach novice members to master sales and closing techniques before they have any possibility of earning a profit.

The ultra-successful hybrid Coastal Vacations business maintains a full time staff of professionals to handle many of the details and finalize sales for their members.

For most potential members who compare the two business models, there is no contest. Hence, the overwhelming success of the hybrid Coastal Vacations business.

High business failure rates have plagued the old methodology of the non-hybrid Coastal Vacations model as well as others in the home based business arena.

Most new home based business owners have never owned a successful business before. Without the Coastal Vacations Sales Center, new members would need to learn and master a long list of skills before they could hope to earn a profit.

Those who attempt to operate a home based business without the maximum support of the Coastal Vacations Sales Center need to learn to wear all the hats of the business owner. They are the marketer, prospector, salesperson, closer, accountant, copywriter, webmaster, product procurement director, and chief trainer for new members.

Instead of trying to cram a long list of skills into the brains of new members, the Coastal Vacations Sales Center has had great success giving their members specialized knowledge in marketing. Members don't have to do all the telling, selling, follow up, closing, collecting of funds, and shipping of products. They can have the professional staff handle those details.

Through a robust training website and live training calls, members can learn to sell, but it is not mandatory. Many members earn large profits without ever speaking to prospects.

The new novice marketer program allows new members to jump start their business while they learn to market. The new program is also ideal for those with limited time.

The program produces high quality Coastal Vacations leads. These people are not offered free laptops or gift cards to entice them. They ask for more information because they want to start a home based business.

It is common practice for lead vendors to offer free goodies and the lead buyer often ends up with a bunch of people looking to get something for nothing.

The interested Coastal Vacations prospects generated by the system are sent a thank you email from the member. They are then delivered to their personal website where they can learn more.

The new leads are automatically entered into the system's auto responder e-mail system. They are sent follow up email messages and are even called by staff members at the Sales Center who help walk them through the simple process.

Account executives at the Coastal Vacations Sales Center answer questions, finalize sales and collect funds. They even plug new members into a state of the art educational system so they can begin training. Other staff members at the Sales Center ship travel packages to the new members.

The system makes it easy for prospects to learn more. They can watch a movie, explore the website and they can join live Q&A conference calls that explain Coastal Vacations and the hybrid business model.

Prospects can even access a recorded version of the conference call 24 hours a day, and of course, they can call the Sales Center and talk with staff members.

The new lead generation and follow up program makes the simple to learn system even more effective for novices and those with limited time.

Learn why the hybrid Coastal Vacations model is so much more effective. See the business model in action and learn how the personal mentoring of Dean Marino offers members the most successful business model with a personal touch at


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