Changing the World, One Meal at a Time

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Tod Davies invites people to a monthly virtual dinner party at her new online magazine, Exterminating Angel Press. Submissions are welcome.

Tod Davies invites people to a monthly virtual dinner party at her new online magazine, Exterminating Angel Press. Over a great virtual meal (read about it in the section called Jam Today) and a few glasses of virtual wine, visitors can read and comment as interesting thinkers, poets, playwrights, teachers, political activists and theoreticians put their elbows on her virtual table and talk. Guests come away with the satisfaction that comes from sharing ideas with people who make you think.

The people who join to break virtual bread come from many disciplines

but share these values: All are working to create a body of work which will restore the everyday to its rightful place beside the

transcendent ... and all, incidentally, believe that while everyone needs to make a living, no one needs to make a killing.

Available online at, the monthly online magazine presents everything from advice to recipes to considerations of politics, to book chapters, poetry, to inside looks at the worlds of medicine and education -- all with the organizing principle that the world can be changed one idea at a time -- one good meal at a time.

Submissions are welcome. Exterminating Angel Press looks for all kinds of points of view on the same issues. Mainly, the Press is concerned that our Western culture assumes that in every situation, someone has to be dominant and someone submissive -- that there always has to be someone (or something) on top, and someone (or something) on the bottom. The Press is interested in any creative expression that examines how this is expressed in the culture, why this is, and how it may best be replaced with values of mutuality and equity. This means all forms of creative expression. Exterminating Angel Press is interested in non-fiction analyses, personal observation, stories, plays, poems, artwork, -- even films and videos. If a person has an idea they would like to contribute to the site, send a brief description to the Press.

About the company:

Exterminating Angel Press (EAP) is an Internet and print publishing company founded by writer Tod Davies, and Webmaster Rich Kastelein. EAP is a monthly labor of love by different contributors -- playwrights, political activists and theoreticians, novelists, artists, a historian, screenwriters, filmmakers and more. All share the same values; all believe in mutuality over hierarchy and equity over power. And all believe in the Internet as the source of a worldwide community of ideas pulling together to make that world better. Exterminating Angel Press believes the Internet is what the Roman roads once were: first a technological innovation meant to aid Imperial control, then a pathway for alternative forces for change.

Exterminating Angel Press is part of that community of alternative forces for change.

Contact Linda Eckhardt, publicist, to arrange an interview with Ms. Davies. 973 762 4857


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