Mysterious Artist Emerges to Unveil Shocking New Art Form

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In an unusual and controversial move, a Haiku artist combines poetry and marketing to create ad copy that gets noticed. Both marketers and art lovers are delighted with the amazing results.

Artists and marketers make each other as jumpy as a cats in a hot oven. If you have any troubles believing that, just sit your favorite hard-core marketer next to an artist at your next dinner party. But put away the good china ... because words may not be the only thing flying when these two engage each other.

And that's exactly what the Haiku Ads artist is counting on.

Last week this mysterious poet (who goes only by the name "The Artist") unveiled a shocking new art form that's already sweeping the Internet, drawing both praise as well as a few cocked eyebrows from the marketing and art communities. This bold piece of artwork, dubbed "The Great Haiku Ads Wall," is taking shape block by block as The Artist transforms boring business advertisements into Haiku poems.

While art lovers easily see the value in becoming a part of history by claiming a block on the Great Haiku Ads Wall, many marketers are quickly coming around to seeing the benefits as well. Most marketers know that getting an ad in front of the target market is only half the battle -- getting people to actually read the advertisement is what truly separates the amateurs from the pros.

That's where Haiku Ads differentiate itself from traditional advertising that goes largely unnoticed by people who're in the habit of tuning ads out. People mute TV ads, change radio stations, ignore banner ads and trash emails. But since they've never seen Haiku Ads, they drop everything they're doing to actually read the advertisement.

"Art and marketing are both about evoking emotion," The Artist explains. "When advertisements and art collide you get an explosion that makes people sit up and take notice. It's different and simply cannot be ignored."

But like any great piece of artwork, the skeptics and critics are crawling out of the woodwork to throw in their two cents worth. Marketing forum poster "shokthx" suggests the Artist is likely to flop because, " ... Most people that full of themselves never really produce anything useful."

The Artist dismisses critics with a wave of the hand and a confident smile. "The small dissenting voices of armchair critics aren't even going to be taken seriously by those who truly appreciate this unusual art."

To visit the Great Haiku Ads Wall as it's being built, go to


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