Most Brutal, Explicit and Honest Book Ever Spawns a Sanctuary for Abuse Survivors

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New Web site opens to showcase the most explicit, brutal and honest book to ever be written. This true story of survival against all odds is a sanctuary for abuse survivors.

Non-conformist artist, Haydn, has had a new website created to showcase his very brutal and explicit true story, “Nobody Knows Me”.

Haydn released this exposé of his own life earlier this year to mixed reactions. The book takes the reader from Haydn’s birth to his adulthood with events ranging from violence and abuse to drugs, orgies, disease and death. There are accounts of living rough in London to deranged parties in Bristol. This cocktail of explicit content mixed with the very honest and uncensored approach by this very unique artist is the reason some find the book uncomfortable. Haydn is pushing new boundaries with this very brutal approach to real life rather than sugar coating everything like society so happily does on a daily bases.

People who have been abused very often live very unusual lives. Sometimes they find themselves hooked on drugs, involved in very abusive relationships as adults, unemployed, struggling to cope with their own past. They do not live in this soft, sugar coated world that the media so often want to portray and that is why Haydn is such a good ambassador for survivors of abuse. He has survived years of sexual, physical and mental abuse. He is a sign that you can make it out the other end and not fall to pieces or end up dead at a very young age. Haydn says it as it is in his book, "Nobody Knows Me", just like any other survivor of abuse he does not wear rose-tinted glasses so knows no other way of telling it. He makes no apologies for being both brutal and explicit.

"My life has been brutal and explicit since I was very young and I had to deal with it so those lily-white cowards can certainly just deal with it if I choose to reveal my story in that fashion"

This new website,, has been put together by Haydn’s recording company, Boy Serpent Records, in an attempt to promote the book even further and give it a place of its own where visitors can preview chapters, read reviews, share their own stories of sexual, mental or physical abuse and purchase their own copy of, “Nobody Knows Me”.

Haydn wants the new site to be a sanctuary for all victims and survivors of abuse to meet, chat, share and help each other. He is especially keen for male survivors to use the site to start opening up and sharing their experiences. Haydn feels strongly that men should stop living in shame or fear of abuse that they have been subjected to. is to be more than just a website to promote and sell Haydn’s book but a community for all to use as a point of contact, information and reference in all matters relating to sexual, mental and physical abuse.

“I really hope people will visit my new site and be interested in my aims to support others like myself. I am so passionate about ending all forms of abuse and the only way to fight back is for survivors to stand together and try our hardest to prevent others, especially the young, from getting hurt. Abuse is ugly, dark, lonely and painful. No-one should ever have to endure it.”

About Author

Haydn grew up in Plymouth which is based in Devon, UK. Whilst living in Cardiff he decided to write about his life up to that point. His true story contains some very brutal and explicit moments that mostly happened when he was just a boy living in Devon and Cornwall. Events took place that no-one, let alone a child, should ever have to witness or endure but Haydn did and that is why he wrote his story to help others like him stand up and be heard. Haydn is exposing his dark past in an attempt to encourage other survivors to face their own past and for those still being abused to fight back and stop it before it is too late.


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