Anti-Aging Program Helps Women with Menopause, Skin Care and Weight Loss

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Health and Wellness program offers comprehensive approach with combination medical/natural approach to treatment. Anti-aging focus includes intracellular vitamin analysis, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, skin care products from SkinMedica, natural weight loss program, botox, chemical peels and high quality GMP certified vitamin line.

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Sara Hornbrook wanted a different approach to hormone replacement therapy after several major life changes occurred, depleting her energy and leaving her fatigued. “In late 2002 both of my parents died within 5 months of each other and I was in my mid fifties,” says Hornbrook. “I was already on synthetic hormone replacement therapy and had become fatigued and totally drained of energy which turned out to be malfunctioning thyroid and adrenal glands. I wanted an anti-aging approach that would have a health and wellness focus so I could regain my lost energy.”

Hornbrook saw Dr. Martin Basaldua, Medical Director of the Optimal Health and Wellness Center in Kingwood, Texas, a suburb of Houston, after she had seen a previous physician who prescribed synthetic hormone replacement therapy. “I had been interested in wellness and anti-aging before I saw Dr. Basaldua and specifically wanted to try bio-identical hormones,” says Hornbrook. “I also had a weight problem and the anti-aging program at Optimal Health and Wellness is comprehensive. I could get help for everything – depression, menopause, and weight loss – all in one place.”

This new approach to total well-being is an anti-aging approach that Dr. Basaldua believes is healthier than a medical approach alone. It also includes a skin care regimen, skin care products by SkinMedica, and a heart attack prevention program. “I have been a family practice physician for more than 20 years and I’ve found that many patients want more than the typical medical office visit can offer,” says Dr. Basaldua. “I developed the Center to work more closely with women and men who want an anti-aging approach that will help them regain their health and prevent future problems.”

Another patient, Sharon Conger, is a 65-year-old woman who doesn’t want to have surgery on her face but wants to fight aging with skin care treatments and products. “I have had medical problems such as high blood pressure and originally went to Dr. Basaldua to get healthy and stay well,” says Conger. “After having a SpectraCell analysis and working on my inner health, I decided I wanted to look good on the outside as well. I did Botox skin care treatments for my forehead and the sides of my eyes but I also wanted to find skin care products that could get rid of the fine lines on my face. I’ve been using the SkinMedica skin care line for 3 months and I have much better skin tone and less wrinkles.”

Conger and Hornbrook are among a growing number of baby-boomer women who want to stay active and healthy into their old age. The anti-aging approach to health and wellness provides a new way of looking at health that is being embraced by women and men alike as they approach their 40s and 50s.

This focus on anti-aging is a health and wellness approach that is relatively new in the medical field and embraced by physicians such as Dr. Basaldua, who are committed to educating patients and working together with them as partners in their healthcare. At the Center, the anti-aging approach focuses on the natural decline in hormones that occurs in both men and women, lack of nutrients from poor diets, and environmental damage to the skin caused by exposure to sun, pollution and smoking. “We put the anti-aging program together with all of these factors in mind,” according to Dr. Basaldua.

“Our anti-aging approach is integrative, combining the best of traditional medical diagnostics along with natural hormone replacement therapy, nutritional support, weight loss, and skin care treatments and products,” says Dr. Basaldua. The result is an anti-aging program that includes services and products such as bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, intracellular vitamin analysis, nutritional counseling, natural weight loss, botox, and chemical peels, all of which are supported by a vitamin line, Optimal Balance, and an advanced skin care line from SkinMedica.

Mary Tollett, the Director of the Center, works with women every day who want to look and feel better. “I have been involved with Dr. Basaldua from the inception of this Center and have tried every product we sell,” says Tollett. “I feel that I can speak from a clinical perspective as well as a personal one when I say that our anti-aging program is comprehensive and works individually with every patient who comes here for treatment or products.”

Another trend that Tollett has noticed is the request for services for men. “All of our services work for men as well as women,” says Tollett. “Men can also suffer from hormone problems (andropause) and they can benefit from our heart attack prevention and weight loss programs as well.”

The anti-aging vitamin and skin care product lines are so popular that the Center has launched an online product store located at where patients and the general public can purchase both SkinMedica skin care products as well as Optimal Balance nutritional supplements.

To learn more about Optimal Health and Wellness, visit the web site at or call 281-359-5749.


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