Stress Shown To Decrease Brain Function and Impair Physical Performance

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New Dietary Supplement Mind Drive Could Be The Answer.

Just this past year, sports science company Mind Sports Nutrition ( looked at the various research and scientific studies about stress and how it affects optimal brain function. The company turned to golfers and athletes to find the answers on exactly why performance suffers under stressful conditions.

“The scientific evidence shows that mental and physical stress can be devastating to your performance. This stress causes a drop in neurotransmitter levels during any activity. We call it stress induced neurotransmitter depletion," said Mind Sports Chief Science Officer Pete Maletto.

Neurotransmitters are naturally occurring chemical messengers that carry the signals our mind uses to communicate with our body. They are also used in our everyday memory processes and are critical in maintaining focus, concentration, and muscle memory motor skill processes.

Neurologists conclude that stress and poor diet, which are so abundant in our society, leads to depletion of these neurotransmitters causing decline in physical and mental performance. Once this stress process has started, neurotransmitters fall like dominoes. Thought processes become impaired, and our ability to focus, concentrate and remain calm becomes non-existent.

“Since neurotransmitter levels drop during any stressful activity, it’s obvious that your communication levels will become impaired and your performance, both mental and physical, will suffer. With athletes we find that the picture their muscles act on becomes fuzzy, causing inaccuracy. We notice a dramatic drop in their consistency and performance,” Maletto said.

This very same problem happens in golf. Stress that players put on themselves from trying to play their best or beat out their competitors, or just the stress from an ordinary day, can put them into this same type of mode, depleting the body’s neurotransmitters and resulting in poor, inconsistent performance. Many golfers notice their game falls off specifically on the back nine.

But what researchers found is that this neurotransmitter decline can happen to anybody playing any game or sport, whether it’s football, golf, baseball, soccer, or any other activity. For many years sports scientists have been struggling to find an answer. Most trainers have gone with the method of increasing the physical strength of their players, but it’s the mental aspect of the game that should also be emphasized.

Mind Sports Nutrition uncovered thousands of scientific research papers that cited all natural amino acids and nutrients can optimize neurotransmitter levels. The research showed that these nutrients ensure the brain can communicate with the muscles while boosting mental focus, increase reaction speed, clarity and reduce performance jitters.

With this information, scientists at Mind Sports Nutrition created Mind Drive. This product contains all natural nutrients that have been proven by clinical research to reduce the effects of stress and boost communication from the brain to the muscle. Mind Drive utilizes the amino acids and nutrients that scientists have determined contributes to increased neurotransmitter activity. This in turn reduces stress induced neurotransmitter depletion, increasing mental clarity and creating a clearer picture for your muscles to act on, which increases accuracy.

“We have professional and college athletes from just about every sport using the product and their results are very encouraging. They have reported much better accuracy in their movements, a boost in focus and concentration as well as their ability to visualize and get into the zone, which most athletes claim as the holy grail of mental and physical synchronization where their performance just flows,” said Maletto.

PGA Golf Tour veteran Bill Glasson, who was involved in the testing of the product, said, “Mind Drive really helped me increase the accuracy of my golf swing. I found myself swinging more consistently and with better precision. I also found that my energy level improved even while remaining calm. This gives me a better chance to visualize, block out distractions and get into the zone. Overall it’s the best product I’ve ever used.”

Amateur golfer Robert Minnick of Green Valley, Arizona said his game improved immensely during the testing of the product: “Mind Drive sharpened my short game, especially my putting.” Amateurs also reported better sleep, improved short and long-term memory, better eating habits and a more stable overall mood.

Mind Drive was initially tested in a clinical trial with a variety of subjects performed by Dr. Arthur Winter at The New Jersey Neurological Institute of Livingston, New Jersey. The results showed that Mind Drive helped 80% of the subjects tested. They improved in coordination, memory planning and reaction time. Fifty percent of those subjects had dramatically improved, with some doubling their cognitive functions and reaction times.

Another trial performed by sports medicine physician Dr. Taras Kochno on the Taylor Made MATT system, which reports consistency and accuracy of the golf swing, showed that Mind Drive improved 80% of the subjects’ performance in the study. Subjects after taking Mind Drive for just 10 days had dramatically increased the consistency of their swing and club face angle as well as noticeable improvements in club head speed.

More testing of amateur golfers was conducted by Golf Test USA, the nation’s leading golf testing facility. Over 50 amateur golfers tested Mind Drive. The overall evaluation, according to Golf Test USA, is that Mind Drive will help a majority of golfers play better golf, lower their scores, lower their stress level, and increase focus and concentration. An impressive 60% of the amateurs reported significant positive results while taking Mind Drive.

Testing Director of Golf Test USA, Wayne Williams said, “We were so excited by the results we have decided to award Mind Drive our Seal of Excellence. The positive results that Mind Drive achieved far exceeded our expectations.”

The testing of an all natural product such as Mind Drive shows that by reducing stress with specific nutrition we may be able to naturally influence optimal brain function without negative side effects or medical risks. Mind Drive therefore may provide a variety of benefits from improved game performance to a better everyday quality of life.


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