Optimost Launches Webinar Series

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Web page optimization firm to teach finer points of Web page testing.

Optimost, the pioneer in comprehensive real-time Web page testing solutions, today announced the launch of a new biweekly Webinar series, in which the firm will offer a mix of how-to seminars, real-world case studies and tips on how to increase customer conversion rates online. The Webinar series will premiere September 6th at 1:00 p.m. EDT.

The first 2 Webinars will be:

  • "Multivariable Testing: As Easy As A/B, See!" (September 6, 2006, 1:00 p.m. EDT): This introductory Webinar will provide a basic overview of multivariable testing and explain how it compares to A/B Testing and other alternatives. It will also cover the key factors to consider from a methodology standpoint when conducting any types of tests online.
  • “You’ve Gotten The Horse to Water....Now Make it Drink!” (September 20, 2006, 1:00 p.m. EDT): Companies spend lots of money on search engine advertising to get people to their websites. This Webinar will provide tips on how to get those prospects to convert once they get there. The seminar will also provide a framework for how to think about testing online, along with a sampling of best practices from the thousands of tests Optimost has conducted on behalf of its customers. Attendees will get actionable insights on things they can do immediately to improve conversion rates on their Web sites.

Participants can register for either Webinar at http://www.optimost.com/events.

Optimost’s patent-pending software and multivariable testing methodology allow e-commerce companies to create and test thousands (or even millions) of possible permutations of a single Web page to determine which combinations of headlines, price points, graphics, layouts, or any other variables drive the highest conversion rate. The page can then be optimized based on real-time customer response data. Major consumer Web sites such as Ask.com, Earthlink, Overstock.com, Real Networks, and Time Warner have seen their conversion rates increase by anywhere from 20-45 percent by using Optimost’s solutions.

“The Internet is the ultimate direct marketing vehicle, and we see every day how real-time testing, when done properly, can drive enormous improvements in customer response rates,” explained Optimost CEO Mark Wachen. “We felt that a regularly-scheduled Webinar series would provide an outstanding forum for sharing some of the insights we’ve gained after conducting literally thousands of real-time tests. We hope that by combining real-world case studies with an interactive Q&A format that we’ll be able to help etailers, subscription-based services and publishers reach new levels of efficiency in their online marketing efforts.”

Details and scheduling information for future Webinars can be found in Optimal InSites, Optimost’s free email newsletter. Optimal InSites also provides tips for improving conversion rates along with case studies of Optimost’s current client work. To subscribe, please visit: http://www.optimost.com/newsletter.

About Optimost:

New York-based Optimost is a technology and services company specializing in comprehensive real-time testing and conversion rate marketing. Pioneers in the field of multivariable testing, the firm is able to create and test virtually limitless permutations of copy, offers and layouts in the time it takes to conduct a standard A/B page comparison test. By combining real-life response data with information about which variables were displayed in the test, Optimost clients are able to determine how much each individual Web site element contributes to the overall response rate. Client Web pages can then be optimized further based on the combinations of most positive individual site elements. Optimost clients include: Interactive Corp., Lillian Vernon, eDiets, Overstock, Time Warner, Earthlink, and RealNetworks. For more information, please visit http://www.optimost.com.

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For more information on Optimost, please contact John Roderick at 631-584-5808.

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