MMORPG Online Games Earning $300,000 Per Month or Greater is not Uncommon With's New Proprietary Tools

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Imagine owning your own MMORPG and earning thousands of dollars per day. It is very possible using's new proprietary tools. The tools offer allow players in MMORPG online games to be automatically rewarded points, gems, coins, or credits as an incentive every time they complete an offer, which usually consists of them providing their E-mail address or Zip code to win a free iPod or merchandise of the sort. is now providing one of the best tools that have ever been invented for the Massive Multiplayer Online Role Play Game (MMORPG) industry. MMORPG owners struggle to make passive income within their games without negatively affecting the gaming experience for their players. is now going to answer MMORPG owners’ prayers with the new release of their proprietary Instant Lead Notification System (ILN) and their Incentive Campaign Display (ICD) tools.

CPA (Cost Per Action) affiliate campaigns are commonly being used in the MMORPG industry, but it has never been so laid back and rewarding for the player and the game owner alike thanks to CPA campaigns payout anywhere from $0.85 to $4.00 per offer completed by a visitor or player in the game. Within the MMORPG industry, player rewards are being used to persuade players to fill out the offers.

The old reward process consisted of the MMORPG owner searching the CPA Company’s site for the highest converting incentivised campaigns and manually listing them on their game's web site. When a player within a game completes an offer, the administrator of the MMORPG manually rewards that player with the points, gems, or items they were promised for completing the offer and the administrator collects the money from the CPA Company. In large games, this is a job within itself and can take hours per day to properly pay every single player.

The new ILN system offered by automates the player reward process thus saving the administrator the hassle of tracking down each offer a player completed (lead generated) and manually rewarding the player the items promised for completing the offer. Most players are astonished with the fast rewards and get excited about filling out any offer that comes their way. The time saved is worth money in itself for many MMORPG owners.

Another useful tool is’s proprietary Incentive Campaign Display (ICD). This tool automatically displays and updates itself with the highest converting campaigns and removes offers from the player's menu when they are completed. MMORPG owners no longer have to search for the highest converting campaigns and add each campaign manually. This tool will work with any system and all it takes is one minute to implement the one line code and no more action is required by the MMORPG administrator.

Recently, is has become incredibly easy for anyone to create their own MMORPG. Entrepreneurs can simply purchase MMORPG scripts from, host a competition on’s forums for a new design to make their game look unique, and they are in business. All it takes is a few targeted ads and MMORPG owners can acquire players for as low as 3 to 30 cents a player. Each player within the game can generate hundreds of dollars for the game owner and some games have hundreds of thousands of players. Profitable is the only way to describe this business and’s method provides the best avenue for pure profit. has now started working with some of the biggest MMORPG’s in the industry including,, and while more join daily. The owners of these games do agree that's system is the best there is and most have more than tripled their earnings. $10,000 of pure profit a day from players completing CPA offers is not uncommon at all in this industry. was created by a young entrepreneur/programmer from Arad, Israel and a young entrepreneur/investor from Wisconsin, USA. Both are MMORPG owners who dreamed of a better way to make money with affiliate CPA campaign programs within their games, while minimizing the time consuming overhead. eCommerce has truly shown it’s amazing capabilities by providing entrepreneurs in other countries the means to do business together without leaving their computer chairs.


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