Globe Traveling Young Australian Finds Freedom in Prosperity Automated Systems

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Sean Bridger is a young, globe-traveling Australian who has achieved what most people dream of: a business that gives him the freedom to travel around the globe -- and all without major overhead, staff, or boss. He found his answer in Prosperity Automated Systems, which fits his active, ambitious lifestyle perfectly.

Twenty-six year-old Sean Bridger has already achieved what most people dream of: starting and running his own business that gives him the freedom to do what he loves most -- traveling around the world -- and all with no overhead, no staff and no boss while his business runs 24-hours a day.

Sound impossible?

Sean discovered what hundreds of others already have -- the fast-growing Prosperity Automated Systems, an internet marketing phenomenon founded by Bill Osterhout 12 years ago.

PAS proved to be the perfect match for Bridger's active and ambitious lifestyle.

“I have a huge interest in traveling,” Bridger says. Although he is only 26, he has already spent over four and a half years working and traveling overseas and around Australia.

“I have run with the bulls in Spain, drank steins of beer in Munich for Oktoberfest, skied in France’s three valleys, Canada’s Big White, and traveled the US extensively, including seeing New Orleans before that tragic hurricane. I was even a camp counselor for two summers running, and had a load of fun doing it.

“I have been to Egypt and seen the Pyramids, sailed down the Nile and visited the tomb of Tutankhamen. I have relaxed on beaches in Greece, Thailand, Italy, Spain and even Denmark. I've worked on a tuna boat for a week, sailed around the Whitsunday Islands in Queensland, climbed Uluru (Ayers Rock in central Australia) and drank the finest wine in the Barrossa Valley in South Australia.”

Sean is also an athlete, having played Australian rules football and studied judo for 8 years. This five-time state judo champion says he has worked in offices before, as an accountant for Associated Newspapers in London, as a utility broker, and at Price Waterhouse Cooper, but those jobs never provided him with what he wanted.

A few other companies he worked for also failed to live up to his expectations -- from a telecommunications company whose website was down every two weeks to a mail order business that became a waste of time and money.

“Licking envelopes, paying postage, it was a disaster,” he recalls.

Then his father emailed him about Prosperity Automated Systems.

“I studied business marketing at college and had a little bit of sales experience in past jobs. I just found so many benefits with PAS being an internet business compared to a brick and mortar business. No overhead, no staff, no boss. All the while my business runs 24 hours a day and pays me up to $3000 every sale. It gives me freedom.”

“If you can master the concept of driving traffic,” Bridger says, “then you can master PAS and earn a huge income. I am a strong believer in building wealth and I would like to become a wealth coach in the future, to help people reach their financial goals.”

But Sean sees PAS as more than just a way to make money. He sees it as something that can build relationships on a global scale. “That is the reason why I love PAS and the internet business. Someone on the other side of the world could just as well be in your hometown. It connects people together. My belief has always been that the world is out there to learn from. You will learn more by actually doing something than you ever will by reading about it in a book.”

Sean also sees strong, mutually beneficial relationships as the key to financial success.

“I believe that if you can build a strong team then you are guaranteed success. I am a dedicated sponsor.”

Through PAS, Sean sees his future opening up. “I have a plan that in six months time I will have three weeks on and one week off. That week may be to go traveling or to take my girlfriend away for a break, shopping, whatever.”

He adds, “This life is for living, not working. I have a saying that life is just one big holiday, you just have to work out how to get more time off.”

To find out more about Prosperity Automated Systems, and to hear more from Sean Bridger, visit his website at Or email him.


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