Searching For The Truth Behind Automated Trading Systems

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Lets face it, practically everyone, if they had the ability, would like to make money by trading the financial markets. The computerized age has facilitated a new breed of fully automated trading systems, but the question is, do they really work?

A fully automated trading system is essentially a set of rules, compiled into computer code, which will automatically trade the markets, without any need for input from the user. These systems are designed so that they can be used by anyone who can press a button. So, is this trading utopia, or is there a hidden dark side?

The markets create more millionaires than any other business on earth, so the attraction of being able to trade with a profitable automated trading system is obvious. However, like most things in life, there are two sides to this coin, a sort of heads you win, tails you lose situation.

One company that was specifically set up to shed light on this situation is Which Trading System. This is an internet based company that specializes in testing, monitoring, ranking & producing individual system performance reports on hundreds of fully automated trading systems.

In a nutshell, they run all of the systems in their database each and every trading day in order to scrutinize the performance figures of each. Each month, they publish updated top 10 performance ranking tables and also publish detailed individual performance reports for each system in their database. All of these figures, tables and reports are then made available to members of the website, so that they can see exactly which systems are performing well and of course, which are not.

Quite simply, you are able to test drive the performance of all of the available systems, which will enable you to make fully informed judgements and decisions regarding the pros and cons, the benefits and negatives, the good points and bad points of every single system in their database. The best part is that all of this can be accomplished without members having to risk a single penny in the markets and without having to actually purchase the system themselves.

There are several other key features which makes this service really special, such as separate areas for trading education, for testing many trading tools that can be used to assist trading decisions, for reviewing & testing trading manuals, books, courses, etc to see if the performance claims match up to the advertising, for warning members about scams and underhand practices, plus many other interesting and informative sections.

The simple fact is that there are genuine, proven profitable trading systems and there are also systems that range from poor to totally disastrous. For example, the site contains a list of over 30 systems that have been removed from its database due to bad performance. It is not knowing into which category a particular system falls that is the problem. A wrong decision could end up costing you dearly. Thankfully, it is this very problem that Which Trading System solves for all of its members.

In order to assist with generating a larger membership, the company pays a commission to each and every person who introduces a new member to the website. Details regarding this are available on their web site where you will also be able to get a free detailed individual system performance report for the best performing system in their database.


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