“It is amazing what you can still learn at 73,” Says Newcomer to Prosperity Automated Systems

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At 73, and living with emphysema, Bob Prosser is an example of the indomitable spirit that characterized his hard-working generation, but trying to survive on what he gets from Social Security is nearly impossible. Prosser found the answer in Prosperity Marketing Systems when a friend shared his experience in PAS with him.

At 73, and living with emphysema, Bob Prosser is an example of the indomitable spirit that characterized his hard-working generation, the one that beat Hitler, took on the war in Korea, and then came home to raise a new generation they called “the Baby Boom.”

Like others of his generation, Prosser just refuses to give up. The way he looks at it, “If this week can be better than last, and last week better than the one before it, that's all I ask."

Prosser is hardly the type of guy who would fall for just another “get rich quick” scheme, but he is proud to be one of the newest members of Prosperity Automated Systems. PAS was founded 12 years ago by Bill Osterhout and is fast becoming an Internet marketing phenomenon.

"Prosperity Automated Systems is a good way for a retiree to make a living,” Prosser believes. “Even if my health was great, it’s impossible to live on Social Security. What I get from Social Security barely pays the rent."

An option for the elderly with good health is to keep on working, even if that means pushing shopping carts around a supermarket parking lot. Prosser says, “What I needed was a job where I could take things fairly easy and still make enough to live decently. That’s when Jay Trevorrow, my sponsor in Prosperity Automated Systems, came to my help.”

Prosser and Trevorrow were old friends from their days in the automobile business, when Prosser was a mechanic and Trevorrow ran a body shop.

Prosser recalls, “Jay had been in PAS for about a year, and he simply showed me how it worked for him. The beauty of it is the team spirit that is generated because your sponsor has a stake in seeing you succeed. Jay is my trainer and mentor. The relationships in PAS are wonderful.”

He adds, “Even more important, it’s a system that really works for you. I don’t have to make sales calls or show up at 8 o’clock in the morning and work until 6. The system does the hard work for me. Frankly, I don’t what else in the world I could do to make a living if PAS wasn’t there.”

Prosser does not look on PAS as a “get rich quick” scheme. “At this stage of my life, I'm not greedy," says Prosser. "All I want to do is make a decent living. If I can make one or two sales a month, I will be very happy.”

“To be honest,” Prosser says, “PAS is not totally effortless. You do have to plan on putting a certain amount of what you make back into marketing. But that’s true of any other business. It is all the rest that is easy.”

Prosser isn’t new to making good money. He spent 40 years in construction and 10 more as an auto mechanic. “With six kids to feed and educate, I had to make money. They are all grown now with lives and families of their own, and my wife passed away some time ago. But life moves on."

Asked about today’s economy, Prosser says, “There is no question about it. Good jobs are hard to come by. Some days, I wonder what all those guys in Washington and Wall Street are smoking. They don’t think about the impact of their decisions on the little guy.”

Prosser is thrilled to be able to participate in the new world of global Internet marketing. "I am new to the Internet, but I’m eager to learn to learn all about it. Jay has been a big help to me there. To me, Prosperity Automated Systems is a like a gateway to a big global market for us little guys. It is amazing what you can still learn at 73.”

To find out more about Prosperity Automated Systems, visit Bob Prosser’s website at http://123ezhome.biz, or e-mail him.


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