Wife And Supporters Campaign To Free Gregory Wright From Death Row

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Family and Supporters of Greg Wright, inmate of Polunsky, Texas Death Row, have launched a new website as the centerpiece of a publicity drive to draw attention to yet another miscarriage of justice in the controversial legal arena of the Death Penalty. The site, http://www.freegregwright.com, also available on CD, draws particular attention to the contrasting use of “evidence” between the trials of Wright and Adams, a man later tried and convicted of the same crime. Also, the misuse of Adams statement, the “loss” of vital 911 tapes, and the withholding of retained physical evidence from Wright's current legal team.

Gregory Wright has been on Death Row at the Polunsky Unit in Livingston, Texas, for almost 10 years. He is currently awaiting the decision of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeal (05-70037) regarding the refusal to grant a Certificate of Appealability by the Texas Courts (No.3:01-CV-0472-K).

Greg maintains that he was wrongfully convicted of Capital Murder in 1997 (F97-01215-PJ). In his latest Appeal to the 5th Circuit (05-70037), Greg's attorneys set out the case that the Texas courts have consistently denied his applications for relief, in spite of clearly documented violations of Constitutional Law and legal practice. Greg, his wife Connie, and supporters, are desperate for help to make people realize the mistakes that have been made and the great wrong that is being done to Greg.

"He is innocent, and we are asking for your help to persuade the authorities to take his appeals seriously," says Greg's wife, Connie Wright. "This would allow access to evidence by his defense team that would help prove his innocence."

This is a complicated case in that Greg was convicted and sentenced as the sole perpetrator of this crime (R51.13-16). He was implicated by John Adams who was later convicted of the same crime (F97-01214-PJ). The same judge and prosecutor were involved in both trials. Adams admitted his guilt in a 911 call, and in front of other witnesses who have subsequently given sworn affidavits to Greg’s attorney. There were two 911 calls made, the first by the man Adams confessed to, the second by Adams himself. Although discussed at Greg's trial, none of this evidence ever reached the jury since the 911 tapes could not be produced by the prosecution. Greg and his defense team were not made aware of the 911 tapes until the first day of trial and when the defense team asked to review the tapes they were told the tapes were “lost.” It is clearly documented in the trial transcript (F97-01215-PJ) that these tapes were obtained by two police officers and delivered to the prosecutor’s office. We know these tapes must still exist somewhere.

Evidence used to convict Greg was:

a) Size 32 waist Umen jeans soaked in the victim’s blood. At the time of the offense Greg wore a size 36, weighed approximately 190 pounds (DeSoto arrest record, State's "x" Exhibits 90) and clearly did not fit into the Umen jeans. John Adams weighed approximately 160 pounds and had a size 32 waist (Testimony of Adams from Adams's trial, (R34.201). Witness statements show that Greg was wearing a new pair of black jeans the night of the murder. The Umen jeans were old and faded. The courts now deny access to the jeans to Greg’s post trial defense team on the grounds of “fishing.”

b) Written statement of John Adams. This statement was entered into evidence at Greg’s trial but Adams was never brought in to court to testify. This was a clear violation of the 6th Amendment. This statement was used in Adams trial and was deemed “self seeking” and “unreliable” by the same prosecutor who used its credibility to convict Greg. The prosecutor’s statements are recorded in Adams’ trial transcripts (F97-01214-PJ).

The new website - http://www.freegregwright.com – also available on CD, gives access to all trial transcripts (Greg & Adams), legal appeals, witness statements, etc.

On behalf of Greg, please contact us and explore the possibility of an investigation to help reveal the truth. If the 5th Circuit turns down his latest appeal, there will, without your help, be little time or opportunity for his attorney to bring forward the further evidence that would help clear Greg’s name. All he asks for is a fair re-examination of his case in an unprejudiced court.

For additional information on this blatant miscarriage of justice (or for a copy of the CD), contact Peter Bellamy, Supporters Co-ordinator, or Connie Wright – contact details at http://www.freegregwright.com.


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