Learning-Spanish Company Challenges Philadelphia Cheese Steak Restaurant’s Order-in-English-Only Policy

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When Philly Cheese Steak restaurant Geno’s Steak propelled itself into the national immigration controversy with its order-in-English-only policy, the creator of the Learning Spanish Like Crazy (http://www.learningspanishlikecrazy.com) language course, offered to teach Geno’s Steak owner, Joey Vento, and the entire staff at Geno’s Steak how to speak Spanish – for free.

Upon entering Geno’s Steak, you’ll notice two signs posted proclaiming: "THIS IS AMERICA: WHEN ORDERING PLEASE SPEAK ENGLISH." The signs have drawn an official discrimination complaint and Hispanic community leaders have called for a boycott of Geno’s. But despite the controversy that the signs have drawn, the owner said he won't take the signs down.

Joey Vento said he posted the sign about six months ago. According to Vento he was concerned over the debate on immigration reform and the increasing number of people in the area who can't order in English. This Philadelphia community has become more diverse as immigrants from Asia and Latin America have moved into this historically Italian neighborhood.

Patrick Jackson, the creator of the Learning Spanish Like Crazy (http://www.learningspanishlikecrazy.com) language course, says “I have offered to teach Geno’s Steak owner, Joey Vento, and his whole staff how to speak Spanish.” Jackson adds, “For free, we offered Joey Vento and his staff our audio CDs, as well as our live online lessons and free e-mail support from one of our in-house native Spanish instructors.”

Patrick Jackson is a New York attorney turned Internet entrepreneur. According to Jackson, “My company’s profits have really shot up over the first two quarters of 2006, as more Americans try to learn Spanish online or learn Spanish with CDs.” When asked what he thinks is causing America’s interest in learning how to speak Spanish he responded, “Many people are anticipating a rapid increase in the Hispanic population that will created economic and social opportunities for people that are bilingual.”

When asked what gave him the idea for his company’s product Learning Spanish Like Crazy, Jackson responded “I have purchased most of the major Spanish courses on the market and all of them taught the ‘King’s Spanish’ which through plenty of embarrassment I learned just isn’t practical for conversing with Spanish speakers in the Americas.” He says, “I created the teaching method with English speakers in mind, but the actual content of the course was developed by native Spanish instructors from Latin America.”

When asked his opinion of the speak-English-only policy at Geno’s Steak, Jackson responded, “from the viewpoint of a business person, the policy is imprudent in light of America’s rapidly increasing Hispanic population.” He went on to say that from standpoint of an American, especially “as an African American, the policy is insensitive and intolerant at best.”

Jackson’s says that he is still waiting for Geno's owner Joseph Vento to return his call and respond to his company’s offer that will allow Vento and the whole Geno’s staff to learn Spanish for free.

Patrick Jackson is the Founder of the Learning Spanish Like Crazy method. To start speaking real Latin American Spanish and to download free audio Spanish lessons visit http://www.learningspanishlikecrazy.com

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