TrimLife, Inc. Adds to Successful Line of Wellness Supplements

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With more than 2 millions customers in seven short years, the leading online distributor launches new 'Vision Health' and 'Sleep Aid' products to increase their ability to effectively meet their clients' growing needs.

TL Sciences™, a TrimLife, Inc. company, announced this month the release of two new health supplements designed to meet the demands of their rapidly growing customer base. In response to months of research and study into consumer desires and industry estimates, they have developed Relasom™ Sleep Formula and Occulence™ Vision Formula to add to their diverse line of natural wellness products.

Relasom Sleep Formula...

"What we found when talking with our customers," explained TrimLife Vice President Justin Steinle, "is that few people make the connection between truly healthy living and getting a good night's sleep. Research shows that there is indeed a link between the relative health of an individual and the quality of sleep he or she gets. Relasom offers them the chance to hopefully enhance their overall health as they begin to get the rest their bodies need for peak performance."

Sleep experts say most adults need 7-9 hours of sleep each night for optimum performance, health and safety. Yet the majority of the population does not, or simply cannot meet this requirement. The resulting sleep deprivation has been linked to such significant health problems as obesity, high blood pressure, poor concentration, decreased productivity, fatigue and irritability.

Relasom's main ingredient, Valerian, has been shown in numerous studies to both reduce the time it takes to fall asleep and improve the quality of sleep. Native to Asia, Europe, North and South America, Valerian has been used effectively for thousands of years to ease insomnia, stress-related anxiety, and nervous restlessness. Other natural ingredients found in Relasom combine to cater to each of the five sleep cycles.

For more info: Relasom Website

Occulence Vision Formula...

Deteriorating eyesight is a condition often overlooked in discussions of age-related disorders. Yet few people take the necessary precautions to help prevent such diseases as Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), the leading cause of blindness in people over 50.

"Just as Americans overlook the value of sleep in our ever-busier days, we seem to take for granted something most of us would find difficult to live without...our vision," said Steinle. "The fact is, the older we get the worse our vision gets. We developed Occulence to educate and enlighten our customers of the importance of vision health and the value of preventative care."

Occulence was created to be a preventative measure against the onset of overall vision damage related to age, environmental factors, and certain harmful lifestyle choices. To utilize such a product, TrimLife stresses to consumers the need to begin a treatment program before vision loss occurs.

While there is no cure for AMD, research indicates taking action prior to significant vision loss can greatly reduce or delay further damage. One recent study, AREDS, demonstrated how high doses of certain nutrients can reduce the risk of developing AMD by as much as 25%. Those nutrients, Occulence's key ingredients Vitamin A, Zinc Oxide and Lutein, combine to help battle early symptoms of Age-Related Macular Degeneration and cataracts.

For more info: Occulence Website

TrimLife, Inc.

In an industry full of heated competition, TrimLife rises above the other distributors by offering on-going professional support and guidance to its customers. The company resists straying from its entrepreneurial, customer-friendly roots despite rapid growth.

Just as their products offer a chance for consumers to revitalize and rejuvenate their lifestyles, TrimLife will soon undergo a revitalization of its own with a complete overhaul of the homepage. The company is preparing to launch a new site that is destined to redefine the online wellness industry by offering the first truly comprehensive approach to weight-loss.

As the program grows and matures into its own, TrimLife will be able to offer consumers all the weight-loss tools once only found by searching and combining efforts from multiple companies, with multiple plans and various unproven products. will provide all the necessities of a successful weight-loss program (products, nutritional guidance, motivation, professional and peer support, exercise plans, and regular assessments) all "under one roof."    

For more information about TrimLife, Inc. or its subsidiary TL Sciences™, please visit or

You may also contact Justin Bumann, Director of Sales, at 701-223-3886.


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