Getting Coached While Sleeping

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While coaching is a valuable investment, it is often a challenge to schedule a session with a coach. However, who doesn't have time for coaching while falling asleep?

Personal and Corporate Coach Ben Goldfarb, founder and director of Paradigm Shift Communications, has saved marriages. He’s cured stutterers. He’s improved school performance. He does this by leveraging the power of the unconscious mind.

Ben’s techniques facilitate rapid and long-lasting changes. One client, 38-year old entertainer Shalom Minkin, credits Ben for putting his marriage and life back on track.

“I was really down and out in more ways than one,” Shalom relates. “I was under tremendous financial pressure and was separated from my wife for a couple of months. After I got a copy of one of Ben’s CDs and started listening to it as I fell asleep, I began to think in a much more positive way.”

Shalom soon thereafter found his financial situation improving dramatically, and he moved back home. “My wife and kids can clearly see the positive difference in my attitude and headspace since I moved back home. I attribute this to Ben’s CD,” Shalom concluded.

Ben’s one-on-one coaching sessions reinforced by his CD helped cure a child’s stuttering. “After his sessions with Ben and listening to his CD while he slept, my son can now confidently speak with complete clarity,” says Miriam Meir. “His teacher was so overwhelmed by the difference that he hugged him.” After oral interviews, Hillel Meir was accepted to an elite private school and attributes his success to the skills he absorbed while listening to the CD.

Another client, Joey Wise, a student in a rabbinical seminary in Jerusalem, says that one of Ben’s CDs has helped him better concentrate on his studies. “I’ve been told since I was a kid that I have ADD. After repeatedly listening to this CD while I fall asleep, I can say that my concentration levels have increased dramatically. I’m more focused, and my vision for my future is much brighter.” Wise tried an experiment and stopped listening to the CD for a few weeks. “My concentration levels dropped again, and I felt almost as bad as I did before I started listening to the CD. Once I started listening again, my focus in school has sharpened exponentially.” Wise concluded.

The secret of Ben’s powerful, short-term personal/corporate coaching is by helping clients get in touch with the power of their unconscious mind.

“My working assumption is that all of us have all of the resources we need to succeed,” Ben says. “Once we are able to harness the power of our unconscious minds to put these resources to work for us, we can make the changes we want in our lives faster than we thought possible.”

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Quoted Client Contact Information

Miriam Meir

+972-54-761-3579 (Israel, +7 EST)

Shalom Eliyahu Minkin

+972-526-465-925 (Israel, +7 EST)

Joey Wise

+972-546-846-047 (Israel, +7 EST)

Additional Clients

These individuals are available and willing to be contacted to discuss their experiences with Ben’s CDs:

Robin Treisman

+972-54-566-5291 (Israel, +7 EST)

Yael Slutzki

+972-507-54-9497 (Israel, +7 EST)


Chiara Di Segni

+972-545-234-949(Israel, +7 EST)

Other Client Quotes and Contact Information

Mark Slutzki

+972-522-349-830 (Israel, +7 EST)


“Listening to Ben's CD is a wonderful, uplifting experience from which you come out energized and empowered. It is beautifully done and really gets you focused on achieving your potential and on being aware that you can do so ‘faster than you think.’ I warmly recommend this to anyone who wants to help themselves improve - at the risk of sounding melodramatic - any aspect of their life... a broad description, I realize, but true nonetheless.”

Joe Charlap

+972-52-680-5178 (Israel, +7 EST)

“My second career is writing, and for some time I had not been focused and lacked concentration. I was unable to start something and finish it. On the Friday morning I met him, I felt skeptical. An hour later, after our introductory session, I walked out into the bright sunshine feeling as if I could take on the world. That day I accomplished more than I ever imagined I would. I felt like a powerhouse. Ben's caring follow-ups and messages have enabled me to maintain that momentum. I found a new way of living and would recommend Ben's coaching to anyone who has a challenge of a related nature.”

Steve Accardi, MA, Licensed Psychologist

+972-52-569-0171 (Israel, +7 EST)

“Ben Goldfarb is a master of neuro-linguistic programming and a dynamic trainer and presenter. I had the pleasure of being a participant in training sessions given by Ben to our team of behavioral health service reps, which helped us improve our focus, delivery, and quality of services. What's more, Ben is a pleasure to work with, a terrific listener, excellent diagnostician, and an engaging personality who can relate effectively to people on every level of organizational life and from every walk of life.”

Ronny Felix

+972-508-776-815 (Israel, +7 EST)

“I met Ben by chance in a training session for sales people. Ben noticed my potential and set his mind on helping me achieving my goals. Since I got his CD, my life has changed dramatically. The CD really helped me to see things more clearly and to understand my dreams and goals in life. Now I am much closer to becoming what I always wanted to be. Thank you, Ben!!!!!!! I warmly recommend the CD to anybody and everybody regardless of age or sex or religion. It doesn’t even mater if you have already fulfilled all your dreams in life because you can always achieve more!!! So get the CD and start being successful!!! Good luck!!!

Dr. John Kent, BSC, MD, CCFP, FCFP(C)

“Ben Goldfarb helped me with my anxiety about a presentation I had to make to a group of distinguished physicians. In one simple, brief session he assisted me in focusing on my concerns and extinguishing the unnecessary performance anxiety about the presentation itself. On the day of the presentation I found myself, to my surprise, more relaxed than I have been for the many years I've had to deliver such lectures. Thanks, Ben!”


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