E-Mail Commander 1.1.4 - Bulk Mailing Software With Over 50 New Features

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Mac and Windows compatible, E-Mail Commander 1.1.4 has the ability to send dynamic html and/or plain text messages to a database of recipients. An excellent choice for press releases, product announcements, invitations, and greeting cards. Dynamic e-mails (mail merge) can contain variables which insert information from the recipient's record, be it a purchase history with a company, their birthday, or even their brother's name.

Just released, E-Mail Commander 1.1.4 is the latest incarnation of the cross-platform bulk mailing utility from Koingo Software. After two years of development, E-Mail Commander is now used professionally in hundreds of businesses worldwide as a means to deliver important announcements. The current version includes over fifty new features, enhancements, and bug fixes to ensure quick and easy delivery of message content (see below for release notes).

E-Mail Commander can be configured to include information dynamically per-message from the recipient's record in the database (aka mail-merge). Meaning: it is possible to include recipient-relevant information like personal sale history, birthdays, nicknames, customer status, anniversaries, and much more in the body of each message.

Another powerful feature of E-Mail Commander is its ability to send messages in three different formats, or a combination: plain text, WYSIWYG, and html. Not everyone knows HTML, but would like styling in their message such as colors, bolding, and fonts. WYSIWYG is the solution. Visually edit text on screen setting the style and size of the text as desired, and E-Mail Commander will automatically convert it into HTML when the message is ready to be sent.

Ideal for sending press releases, product announcements, seasonal greeting cards, or invitations, E-Mail Commander is free for a 15 day trial. After-which, a US$29.95 registration is required for continued use of the product. Upgrades are always freely available from a purchaser's account on our web site.

Download the trial for Mac OS X 10.2 or later:


Download the trial for Windows 2000/XP:


View a screenshot and other product information:


------- RELEASE NOTES ------

** New Feature: Remove spaces from e-mail addresses

** New Feature: Find option with RegEx support added to the Recipient List

Browser window, as well as a toolbar icon.

** New Feature: Multiple selection for the Recipient and Variables list


** New Feature: Now notifies you when the send of messages has been


** New Feature: Bounce Check window is now resizable.

** New Feature: Added error handling and status setting while

sending/canceling a mail operation.

** New Feature: Will no longer import empty variables.

** New Feature: Export header row option.

** New Feature: In-line images for Raw HTML.

** New Feature: Option to NOT register file types during installation on


** New Feature: Import window is resizable.

** New Feature: Export only selected rows from variable or recipient lists.

** New Feature: Beta Tester Code added.

** New Feature: AHIG compliant customizable toolbars.

** New Feature: Buy now link now links directly to the product on the order


** New Feature: Software Update timeout value

** New Feature: Software Update now displays version changes

** New Feature: Software Update no longer stalls the application on launch

if no network is present

** New Feature: Software Update can now use proxies

** New Feature: Software Update displays date last checked

** New Feature: Can now place the Preferences file next to the application

to use it instead

** New Feature: Installed backup toolbar in case AHIG toolbar can't be used.

** New Feature: Added Customize Toolbar menu item (for future use)

** New Feature: Does not continue to load application after demo expired

** New Feature: Added Software License Agreement into application

** New Feature: Built-in Help menu documentation

** New Feature: Recipients are now marked off in the list if they were sent successfully to or not (will put error in).

** New Feature: Time estimate in status window now shows seconds if less than 1 minute remaining, and also added seconds if not exactly on the minute even remaining.

** New Feature: Send messages only to recipients with specified status.

** New Feature: Handles new document creation in the standard way.

** New Feature: New toolbar for main window to replace ugly tabs.

** New Feature: Now allows for custom status in the Recipient editor.

** New Feature: Shows server errors now for Status when sending.

** New Feature: Preview and Send window greatly improved space-wise.

** New Feature: SMTP server is now a combo box which allows the user to selectMail.app presets on Mac OS X.

** New Feature: No longer an MDI application on Windows.

** New Feature: Automatically hides scrollbars in main window for listboxes, which don't require a scrollbar (yet).

** New Feature: Enter AND return keys now work for editing items in a list.

** New Feature: Delete AND Del keys now work for deleting items in a list.

** New Feature: Much improved error handling and low memory checking.

** New Feature: Cancel button added to the parse wait window.

** New Feature: Proxy icon in the Document window.

** New Feature: When a document is first opened, it is marked as clean

instead of dirty.

** New Feature: Now saves WYSIWYG as style runs to correct the accenting issue.

** New Feature: Document location moves with proxy icon location.

** New Feature: Can now only open one copy of the same file.

** New Feature: Files now added to recent when saved, not just opened.

** New Feature: Controls are now all proper size on Windows.

** Enhancement: Drastically improved performance of menu system.

** Enhancement: Zoom window works much nicer.

** Enhancement: Further increased file loading speed.

** Enhancement: Optimized the Raw HTML and Plain Text parsing engine (can now parse 5000 "average" messages in approx. 2 minutes)

** Enhancement: Optimized the WYSIWYG parser engine for a 20% speed increase.

** Modification: Now uses DisplayName instead of FullName for the window file title to be AHIG compliant.

** Modification: Alignment option removed for WYSIWYG.

** Modification: More efficient parent window checking.

** Modification: Renamed checkboxes in the Bounce Check window to be more descriptive.

** Modification: Must have recipient list closed while mailing since status may change!

** Modification: Can no longer have 2 of the same field name when closing the Edit Field Names window. This is to help resolve problems with inexperienced users and importing or using custom variables in their messages.

** Modification: Removed minimize option from the Preferences window to be AHIG compliant.

** Bug Fix: Fixed assigningValues from prematurely turning off.

** Bug Fix: Preferences window no longer accidentally refreshes its values when already open.

** Bug Fix: Software Update checker works more reliably.

** Bug Fix: Only applies .ecm file extension when necessary now.

** Bug Fix: Status bar now reports correct parsing index.

** Bug Fix: Now actually uses priority and type for messages.

** Bug Fix: Controls in the Preferences window now render properly.

** Bug Fix: Deleting global lists now closes the list window.

** Bug Fix: Import now respects UTF-8 encoding for accented characters.

** Bug Fix: .ecm file type now properly registers on WIndows.

** Bug Fix: Revert to Saved no longer results in duplicate everything's.

** Bug Fix: International accented characters now render properly in plain text AND WYSIWYG messages.

** Bug Fix: Flags main document window as dirty if mail has been sent.

** Bug Fix: Can no longer accidentally close the main list window when other windows are open.

** Bug Fix: Windows are no longer stranded if their parent windows are

closed by another option-click to close all windows.

** Bug Fix: Accented characters now export properly.


Josh Hague

President, Founder and CEO

Koingo Software



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