Web 2.0? How About PC 2.0? Barnyard’s Next Gen Offerings are Definitely Not Your Father’s Computer

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In the midst of one of the most rapid periods of technological evolution the world has ever known, PC builders and hardware manufacturers are racing to keep up with shifting trends. For Barnyard Computers, and for PC-users everywhere, the struggle is to strive for quality amidst the chaos, and to fight for every individual¹s right to have a uniquely designed personal computer in the face of the bland, boring expansionism that is stifling the rest of the industry.

The computing world is on the cusp of a revolutionary new era. When it comes to the web, this period is sometimes derisively, sometimes optimistically termed the 2.0 era. But what about the new wave of computer technology? When the dust has settled, what will the next gen computers be like? Decisions made by the industry today will affect the entire future of hardware.

Online, diversity is increasing. High-end boutiques like Barnyard Computers are experiencing the benefits of the 2.0 rise of the small business. However, there are signs that the PC 2.0 future will offer up increasingly generic computing solutions as industry dinosaurs struggle to revitalize flagging brands through acquisitions and mergers with profitable up-and-coming competitors.

Fortunately, some independent PC builders are taking a stand. “The next generation of computers shouldn’t be defined by mass production,” says Barnyard CEO Ron Stadler. “Consumers need to have access to computers that are as unique as they are, custom designs specially tailored to each individual’s computing needs.”

According to Barnyard’s design director, Phil Burum, next gen PCs should also be defined by extremely high-end components. “A lot of the big manufacturers would like to pump out hardware like toaster oven parts,” says Burum. “But the fact is that cheap components don’t save anybody money in the end, least of all the consumer.”

“We’re determined to fight to ensure the new age of technology isn’t that of the disposable PC,” says Stadler. “By supporting and dealing with top-of-the-line manufacturers like Asus, AMD, Kingston, Corsair, Seagate, and Western Digital – to name just a few – we make it our business to build machines that are anything but throwaways.”

With unusually named rigs like the Super Stud and the Cock o’ the Walk – built around the latest AM2 Socket 940 technology from AMD and Asus – the Barnyard certainly appears to be challenging computer-users to see PCs in a whole new way. Time will tell if this commitment to quality and customization wins out over the seemingly unstoppable march of mass-produced factory clones.

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Barnyard Computers provides unique custom computing solutions to serious gamers, professionals, and casual users. Barnyard Computers has created a service whereby anyone can easily select, customize, and acquire an extremely high-end computer for a reasonable price. The Barnyard is recognized throughout the industry for innovative designs and unparalleled customer service.


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