One Man Oblivious to Soaring Gas Prices –- 'The Powerful Promoter,' Matt Bacak, Experiencing No Sticker Shock at the Gas Pumps

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As gas prices soar above $3.00 per gallon across much of the nation, Americans are feeling the effects deep in their pockets. One Internet marketer, however, is blissfully oblivious to the price gouging. “The Powerful Promoter,” Matt Bacak, is so busy on his path to success that the rising cost of fuel isn’t even impacting him.

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If gas prices are too hot to handle, focus your energies elsewhere. Earn so much money that $3 is mere pocket change.

While Americans across the nation bicker and complain about the rising cost of gas, one man is barely noticing the effects. Internet marketer extraordinaire Matt Bacak is so busy earning money and achieving success that he’s couldn’t be bothered with the sticker shock that’s plaguing so many of his fellow country mates. Individuals who are interested in learning more about what’s keeping “The Powerful Promoter” so blissfully oblivious can visit him online at

Earlier this week, gas prices reached another new record high, the second such hit in just three weeks. Nationwide, the average price of a gallon of gas soared to nearly $3.03 per gallon, exceeding the previous high of $3.015 set in July. The survey listed premium gas prices at an even more astronomical level of $3.23 per gallon.

It’s not just the poor and middle America that are feeling the crunch either. Even the nation’s wealthy are re-evaluating their travel plans in the wake of such exorbitant price gouging. Only a limited few are carrying about their lives as if the increases never happened. One of those few is Internet marketer Matt Bacak. In fact, Bacak’s business is growing even more quickly than gas pump sticker prices, rendering the problem one he’s not even aware of.

Bacak’s business is so good that gas prices aren’t even affecting him. He’s still traveling across the country sharing his Internet marketing success stories with others, and he doesn’t hesitate to jet off in his Piper Comanche aircraft when the mood and the need strike. Students of Bacak are noticing the rising gas prices less than the typical American as well. They’re so busy putting Bacak’s Internet marketing strategies into practice and achieving success that fuel wars are the last thing on their minds. Bacak explains the situation this way, “If gas prices are too hot to handle, focus your energies elsewhere. Earn so much money that $3 is mere pocket change.”

For more information on how you can get rising gas prices off your mind, contact Stephanie Bunn at (770) 271-1536. To see what achievements have consumed Bacak to the point of gas pump price oblivion, visit him live next month at Wealth Madness.


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