The Real Estate Toolbox University Opens Its Doors

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Nationally recognized Real Estate Trainer and Marketer, Brian Rodgers, Has opened the doors to The Real Estate Toolbox University an online and offline educational system for Real Estate Professionals across the country.

The Real Estate Toolbox University swings into high gear.

“Finally!” exclaims Tim Centner, the company’s Director of Marketing, “This has been almost a year long redevelopment process throughout our company and we’re there now...I love it when a plan comes to fruition.”

“It’s funny how focused you get on the project at hand and how time can run by at a pace you’d never expect,” Tim continues. “We’re not a big giant company, so that means everyone has to burn the midnight oil, the mid-morning know.....whatever you got,” he chuckles. “The great part about it, really, has been working with and watching Brian work his magic, that always keeps me going.”

Tim’s referring to his friend and Founder of The Real Estate Toolbox University who happens to be, as he usually is, across the office with his head down over a computer.....working on some aspect of the business. “Yeah, that’s what you always say,” interjects Rodgers, “But you know, sometimes I have to threaten to lock the doors in here to keep you from trying to get out!” He laughs, but mere seconds later he shouts, “Got one!” everyone gathers around the computer screen, “An order just came in from one of our seminar attendees in Chicago, that’s why we do them!”

“ I never get tired of working with people, it’s the real reason that we’ve put so much effort into this project and the new Admissions Kit, empowering Real Estate Professionals to take control of their business, manage their own prospect and lead generation and become successful, that’s what it’s all about for me.” says Brian.

“ I really try to go so far over the top that you can’t help but remember the experience. Take the Admissions Kit for example, we knew we wanted to have a core curriculum and a set of training manuals to introduce our new ‘students’ to my personal philosophy and methods of doing business and I thought to myself, ‘Why stop there?’ so what started out as a simple introductory package has become a complete set of tools in its own right. 34 CD’s 12 full color workbooks, elements of my past products like the complete Plug-in-Profits system, it’s an absolutely fantastic kit, not to mention the additional arrangements we’ve made with other companies to give our students deep discounts on other tools to make their businesses run seamlessly.” states Rodgers with excitement.

Tim pipes in with, “Yeah, that’s what’s taken up the whole year!” and quickly continues, “But in the long run, I think that this will truly change the industry and help Real Estate Professionals meet their personal goals at a much quicker pace than with more traditional methods. It’s designed for just about anyone in the business, the seasoned veteran or the brand new agent who is looking to lay their own foundation to become a top producer.” He finishes.

“Hey, you’re beginning to sound like me.” says Brian as he crosses the office one more time to check the computer, “Have you added in the new customer to the total, and sent out their welcome message?” He asks Tim.

“Yes I just did, that leaves, um, 1735 spots. Not bad” says Tim, “As I mentioned before, we’re not a giant company and Brian’s made the decision to limit the membership.....not that I always necessarily agree with the boss, but what do you do? He’s the boss.”

Brian says from across the room, “Hey, I want to insure that we can continue to deliver the kind of quality and customer service that our ‘students’ have come to expect and the only way to do that is have a cap on enrollment, it’s as simple as that. 2000, new students is all I think we can handle to make sure everyone is getting personal and intimate services unlike some big box companies out there who have like 75 customer service reps and all that. It’s just not my goal, my goal is simple, help other Agents experience my kind of success. Period.”

Brian Rodgers is a nationally known Realtor and respected Real Estate Marketing trainer. Brian’s philosophy of empowering Realtors to generate and maintain their own leads has allowed him to personally sell in the multiple millions of dollars in his own company and provide the industry with many great tools to help other Real Estate Professionals to do the same.

The Brian Rodgers Companies specialize in training and marketing systems that are tailor made for Real Estate Professionals and geared toward independent lead generation and retention.

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