Top 10 Iridium Satellite Phone Tips

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Satellite phones are similar to cell phones, but there are many distinct differences and pitfalls, find out how to get the most out of your Iridium satellite phone.

All Road Communications, America's Number 1 Satellite Phone Rental Company, today releases the Top 10 Iridium Satellite Phone Tips:

1 - Use the free incoming SMS

Iridium satellite phones offer free incoming text messages, using these can decrease your bill dramatically.

2 - Send SMS to multiple phones at the same time

All Road Communications is the only company to offer you the ability to send the same text message to multiple satellite phones at the same time. You can even send the same text message to different satellite phone networks simultaneously, check it out at:

3 - Use your Iridium phone to send email:

You can send an email of up to 160 characters from your Iridium phone:

Press Envelope key

Scroll down to 'Message Editor' and press 'OK'

Enter email address (to get '@' sign press the '1' key 7 times)

Enter blank space by pressing '#' key twice

Enter your message

Select 'Send message' by pressing 'OK'

When asked for destination number enter '+*2' and press OK

4 - Get a mag mount antenna for car phone service

Many satellite phone users get frustrated when they realize they cannot use their sat phones inside a vehicle. Solve that problem by getting a magnetic mount antenna for your Iridium phone. These antennas come in 1.5 or 5 meter lengths, custom lengths made to order.

5 - Use Iridium's 2-stage dialing system

Direct dialed incoming calls to Iridium phones are free for the Iridium user, but the person dialing your Iridium satellite phone may pay a hefty price. Because Iridium has its own country code (8816), every call to an Iridium phone is an international long distance call, and the rates go as high as $12 a minute! The Iridium 2-stage dialing system provides you with an Arizona phone number (480-768-2500). When you dial that number you will then be prompted for the Iridium number you want to call. Just enter that and you will be connected to the Iridium phone. The Iridium user will be deducted minute for minute (base rate $1.99 per minute) and you will pay the price of a regular US long distance call (about 5 cents a minute typically). Combined, this price is just $2.04 per minute instead of $12. You do the math.

6 - Register faster

Sometimes you need to Register fast. If the phone is slow to register, just hit the up-arrow (located bottom right of the keypad) then press '8'. This will force registration.

7 - Is your antenna loose?

Because the regular antenna is removable it can cause problems. If the antenna gets loose then the phone will either not work or it will constantly drop calls. Remove the antenna and replace it as follows:

Press and hold down the button above the antenna and the antenna is easily removed. Keep holding the button down and replace the antenna (you should never have to force it). Once the antenna is snugly in place, release the button. NOTE: Always perform this task with the antenna fully retracted and pointing straight down the back of the phone only.

8 - Dial 001 first

This sounds obvious, I know, but you should see the problems people with this one. When you want to call a US number from an Iridium phone start the call with 001 + area code + the number. For example, if you want to call All Road Communications from your Iridium phone (our number is 619-596-4574) you would dial 001-619-596-4574. Remember, Iridium has its own country code, so even if you are in California and you want to call a San Diego phone number, it is still an International Call.

9 - Toll Free Numbers won't work

Don't expect to be able to call a US Toll Free Number from your Iridium phone, it won't work. Just like it wouldn't work if you tried to call the same number from a Dublin payphone. Get the direct dial number before you leave town.

10 - Do not forward your cell or landline to your sat phone

Unless your last name is Gates and your first name is Bill and you own a software shop in Redmond, Washington, do NOT forward your cell phone to your satellite phone. The fact is that hardly any cell phones allow you to forward to such a long number anyway (think 011-8816-4144-XXXX and you see my point). But even if you can forward calls to a number that long, you will be paying international long distance on your cell phone bill to Iridium, does $12 a minute sound familiar? Just give your friends your sat phone number, or if you really like'em give'em the 2-stage dialing number.

These Tips are straight from the trenches, learned the hard way, at All Road Communications, San Diego. Written by Chris Hoar, Operations Manager.

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