Increase In Health Related Issues Leads To Higher Solution Searching On The Web

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A bad diet and an excess of environmental toxins has turned America into one of the unhealthiest nations in the world. This has resulted in the Web becoming a health seekers playground. The only factor that is likely to reverse this downward trend is to change the way people perceive health and the manner in which they respond to symptoms

Recently a study that was conducted on health related searches on the Web was reported in the Washington Post. The study stated that approximately 80% of the adult Americans online have, at some point in time, searched the Internet for information on Health. The figure adds up to a total of 93 million Americans who are looking for sources other than their regular medical practitioners for information. The further astonishing fact that this study throws up is that almost 70% of these people who turned to the Web for information on health were disappointed with the results since they could not find what they were looking for or were inundated with such hyperbolic information that they did not know what to believe.

If one tries to search for a particular health problem on the web, one is surely bound to realize that the Internet is clogged with health related sites that either sell a whole host of products or glorify a single product as the panacea for all ailments. The manner in which an information seeker is inundated with information only goes to prove the eagerness with which these websites try and win over the gullible individual with jargon that evades all. In the process one is left confused, overwhelmed and disheartened at the outcome.

That many people are turning towards the web for information is evident. However, the most essential and significant question to ask is the reason for this phenomenon. Is it merely due to the easy availability of information or is there any other reason behind this unmistakable trend? The answer is fairly simple if one looks towards the negative alterations that have taken place in our environment and diets over the years. The high dependence on fast foods and processed foods, the environmental toxins and a sedentary lifestyle contribute heavily to the increasing health related issues that the country faces today. Dr. William Booker, the chief medical officer for Aaron E. Henry Community Health Services Center states, "We are the richest and the unhealthiest nation." The situation has come to this because we tend to ignore the various symptoms or warning signals that the body sends out to us. We tend to rush to understand the significance of these only when they become too large to ignore.

In fact the human body is a fantastic system that can look after itself and maintain optimal health given a basic congenial environment. This can be achieved by first eliminating all the toxins from the body followed by prevention methods to avoid toxins from entering the system. In such an internal environment the body intuitively repairs and maintains optimum health.

Just as there are many health related sites on the Internet, there are many that tout a detox program that helps. But the smart choice is to choose what is called The Complete Detox program that attacks the basis of all the factors that cause toxicity. The Complete Detox program methodically eliminates contributing factors like food intolerance, diet, Candida, acidosis, lack of exercise, clogged lymphatic system, mercury amalgams, lack of good flora, water intake and the build up of toxins and parasites in the intestines.

Given that the presence of toxins in the system is a cyclical process, a detox program is not complete unless all the toxic producing elements in the cycle are eliminated. The body can achieve complete detoxification only when all the factors have been addressed through herbal remedies, supplements, colon cleansing, exercise, lymph massage and other related therapies.

It is also important to realize that a healthy body can achieve great heights. Achieving true health and having the ability to enjoy all that life has to offer to the fullest can only come with a body that is capable of maintaining optimum health.

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