Mind Reality Announces Free Ebook Involving Every Area of Life, Destiny and the Universe

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A unique book containing universal secrets and knowledge of the most powerful kind has been released. It contains insights that solve the many mysteries of the universe. It also deals with the source knowledge that contributes to success in all areas of life. This book empowers readers with the power to understand all science, philosophy and religion at a much greater level.

Mind Reality a revolutionary mental science website, has released it’s main book titled “Mind Reality – The Universe Is Mental”.

The full details of Mind Reality - The Universe Is Mental Ebook is at http://mindreality.com

This is a book that can solve the many mysteries of the universe that even science couldn’t fully comprehend yet. Once a person finishes reading this book, that person will probably undergo an immense paradigm shift and acquire a completely new and different worldview.

This is the book that deals with the source knowledge that contributes to success in all areas of life. The source knowledge is in mental science.

The deeper the knowledge, the more powerful the knowledge. The more powerful the knowledge, the easier it is to achieve success, because deep, powerful knowledge is the key to inspired thinking and finding intelligent solutions to problems.

This book answers a great many questions that everyone has always been curious about such as:

What is the nature of all reality and the universal construct?

What is the universal law that attracts everything into your life experience whether wanted or unwanted? You must know this!

Did you know that there are seven states of matter and what the same universal matter everything is made up of?

Do you know that there are seven senses of perception and that all of them are actually one sense?

What do people need more than material assistance? The truth about psychic influence!

What is the secret of gravity, black holes and antimatter? Is regeneration of amputated limbs a possibility?

How can time manipulation and perception help you to slow time down? What is the True Theory of Everything which all people in the world are looking for?

And plenty more incredible knowledge inside.... http://mindreality.com/contents.html (Contents of the Book)

“This book is destined to become a legend!” exclaims Enoch Tan, Author of the book. “My aim is to create a revolution in consciousness and awareness. To help people achieve higher awareness in all areas of life. To impact the world in the biggest way possible. All who posses the strong desire for awareness, should be given access to this knowledge. The ideas within are waiting for you to discover and discuss with as many people as possible.”

The full details of Mind Reality – The Universe Is Mental Ebook is at http://mindreality.com/

The Mind Reality website is http://mindreality.com


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