Humane Pigeon Control Honors History of Pigeons

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Pigeons played an important role in two world wars and saved thousands of lives. Though pigeon control remains an important consideration for property owners, humane pigeon control is favored over the destruction of pigeons.

Pigeons can cause health risks, property damage and be an overall nuisance for property owners around the world. As property owners look to for ways to solve their pigeon problem, many are seeking humane pigeon control in recognition of the history of pigeons, as well as the desire to humanely treat other animals.

“People sometimes forget that carrier pigeons played an important role during war time and other stages of history,” David Jones,, states. “Pigeons were directly responsible for saving thousands of lives and though many believe pigeons have outlived their usefulness, we should not forget their history,” Jones explains.

The destruction of pigeons through poison, slaughtering and other such means has become a serious problem in recent years as property owners hire pest control companies that violently or inhumanely destroy pigeons as a means of pigeon control.

“Too many companies are quick to destroy the lives of other animals through sometimes violent and horrific means,” Jones explains. “At Deter-a-Pigeon, we take great pride in offering human pigeon control through the use of pigeon spike,” Jones states.

Many property owners take their responsibility for protecting their property seriously. These same property owners, however, all take their responsibility towards other life seriously and that means using humane techniques to control pigeons.

In towns and cities around the globe property owners are turning towards pigeon spikes and other humane ways of controlling the pigeon population and protecting their property.

The history of pigeons and their relationship to man is one filled with great mutual benefit. Though modern technology has led some to believe pigeons have outlived their usefulness, they are far outnumbered by those who believe man should treat all animals humanely and that includes pigeon and in using humane pigeon control.

About Jones and Son:

As a company we know that not everybody likes pigeons namely building owners upon whose properties the pigeons choose to roost and local authorities who have to clean up after them. It is these people we are targeting, our pigeon spikes prevent pigeons from landing on property without hurting them.


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